INNOVATION January-February 2014

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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2 014 [ volume 18 number 1)

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New Eyes Trained on Planet Earth: Richmond’s UrtheCast Installs Cameras on the ISS to Deliver Startling Views of Our World D’Arcy Jenish 22 BC Geoscientists Contribute to International Resource Management Discussion Jean Sorensen



President’s Viewpoint – International Projects Are Guided by Ethics


Association Notes – 2014 Council Election: Call for Nominations; Volunteers Sought for Innovation Editorial Board; APEGBC Government Relations Update; 2014 President’s Awards: Call for Nominations; APEGBC Mentor of the Year Award; Call for Annual Conference Presenters; APEGBC Introduces Deterrents Against Exam Misconduct; Supporting Engineering and Geoscience Students in BC; APEGBC Foundation Calls for Scholarship Adjudicators; Declaring CPD; OQM Launch Assist; Sustainability and Environmental Awards: Call for Nominations; Go Green with Your Innovation Subscription; National Engineering and Geoscience Month 2014


Council Report: October 27, and November 28, 2013

ON THE COVER: Cosmonauts install the UrtheCast cameras on the ISS. Photo credit: UrtheCast.


Sea to Sky Branch Seeks New Ideas and Member Involvement


APEGBC Releases Position Paper on Climate Change


New Building Energy Requirements—BCBC 2012 and 2014 VBBL


New Energy Requirements and Their Impact on Professional Responsibilities


In Support of Sustainability for Engineering and Geosciences

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5 Letters 5 Newsmakers 21 APEGBC Professional Development 31 Membership 34 Professional Services 38 OQM List


Firn snow fields situated on wind leeward sides of steep slopes in the high Andes of northern Chile/Argentina. Gelifluction lobes can be seen on the far right ridge Photo: L. Arenson, 2014.

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