INNOVATION January-February 2014

T.R. Wong, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.A.Sc. University of British Columbia ‘01, M.Eng. University of British Columbia ‘01) R.R. Woolley, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Sc. University of Alberta ‘09) C.L. Workman, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.A.Sc. University of Ottawa ‘02) T. Wu, P.Eng. Me- chanical (M.Sc. Cheng Kung National ‘95, Ph.D. Cheng Kung National ‘00, B.S. Chung-Yuan Chris- tian ‘93) X.Wu, P.Eng. Mechani- cal (B.Eng. Harbin Inst. of Tech. ‘83, M.Eng. Harbin Inst. of Tech. ‘86) D. Wynberg, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Sc.Eng. KwaZulu-Natal ‘83) I. Yablonovsky, P.Eng. Civil (Dipl. Kiev State Tech. U. of Constr. & Arch. ‘87) T. Yoganathan, P.Eng. Civil (B.Sc. Eng. Peradeniya (Ceylon) ‘02) G.D. Young, P.Eng. Chemical (B.A.Sc. University of British Columbia ‘06) M. Zargari-Samani, P.Eng. Chemical (B.S.Eng. Isfahan U. of Tech. ‘93) X. Zheng, P.Eng. Metal- lurgical (B.Eng. Cen- tral South U. of Tech. ‘89, M.Eng. Beijing Inst. of Tech. ‘92) A.Zhu, P.Eng. Civil P.Geo. Geology (B.Sc. Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) ‘94) A.N. Carpenter, P.Geo. Geology (B.Sc. University of British Columbia ‘07) D. Ciobotaru, P.Geo. Environmental Geoscience (B.Sc. Gh. Asachi Tech. U., Iasi ‘01) W.B. Coker, P.Geo. Geochemistry (B.Sc. Carleton University ‘71, Ph.D. Queen’s University ‘74) S.M. Crossfield, P.Geo. Environmental Geoscience (B.Sc. University of Guelph ‘06) (B.Sc. University of Calgary ‘03) PROFESSIONAL GEOSCIENTISTS R. Alves Marinho,

M.S. Estaris, P.Geo. Geology (B.Sc. Mapua Inst. of Tech. ‘80) K. Hadavi, P.Geo. Geo- physics (B.Eng. Amir Kabir U. of Tech. ‘97, M.Sc. Tehran Islamic Azad, North ‘97) B. Hudson, P.Geo. Envi- ronmental Geoscience (B.Sc. University of Victoria ‘06) G.R.Lane, P.Geo. Geol- ‘05, Dipl. Sir Sandford Fleming College ‘86, Dipl. Sir Sandford Fleming College ‘87) R.A. Lee, P.Eng./P.Geo. Civil (B.Sc. University of British Columbia ‘02) J.A. MacPherson, P.Geo. Geology (B.Sc.(Hons.) University of British Columbia Okanagan (former Okanagan U. College) ‘10) D.G. Meldrum, P.Geo. Geology (B.Sc. University of Alberta ‘92, M.Sc. University of Alberta ‘97) T.A. Rabb, P.Geo. Geology (B.Sc. Simon Fraser University ‘08) ogy (B.Sc. London, U. College London Missouri, Columbia ‘93, M.S.C.E Missouri, Columbia ‘95) A.G. Bowker, P.Eng. Geological (M.Sc. Wales, Cardiff ‘01, B.Sc.(Hons.) Wales, Cardiff ‘98) G.B. Bush, P.Eng. Metal- lurgical (B.S. Texas, El Paso ‘81) T.H. Cooke, P.Eng. Chemical (B.S. Ohio State ‘94) S.J. Davis, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Eng. (Hons.) Sheffield ‘78) A.J. Finney, P.Eng. Civil (B.S. Bucknell ‘92, M.S. Washington, Seattle ‘93) D.J. Harmon, P.Eng. Civil (B.S. Montana State, Bozeman ‘84) S.L. Johnson, P.Eng. Civil (B.S. South Da- kota School of Mines and Tech. ‘93) T.R. Smith, P.Geo. Geology (M.Sc. Canterbury ‘95, B.Sc. Canterbury ‘92) NON-RESIDENT LICENSEES W.F. Baker, P.Eng. Civil (B.S. Missouri, Columbia ‘75, M.S. Illinois, Urbana- Champaign ‘81) R.G. Berry, P.Eng. Civil (B.Sc. Eng.

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• High Voltage Substations & Transmission Lines • Industrial Power Distribution & Control • Dynamic Power Systems Analysis • IPP Interconnection & Power Generation • Utility Liaison • Concepts, Detailed Design • Contract Administration and Start-ups • 30 years of Quality Service

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