INNOVATION July-August 2015

Primary Crusher Relocation Project

The Primary Crusher Relocation Project at Teck Resources’ Highland Valley Copper Operation relocated the Valley Pit #4 Primary Crusher and associated ore handling infrastructure to a geotechnically suitable location outside of the current Life of Mine footprint. This allowed for the southeast valley pit wall to be pushed back, releasing 33 million tonnes of high grade

ore. The main construction and relocation work was executed in two separate, month- long shutdowns, without interruption to normal mining and milling operations. The relocated facilities include enhanced health and safety features, with improved equipment guarding and current dust collection technology. The photo shows the new location for the crusher module on the right, and the previous location in the background in the upper left. Engineering and procurement services were executed by CWA Engineers Inc. (CWA project manager Andrew Katnick, P.Eng.; Teck project manager Peter Wells, AScT). Construction management was self-performed by Teck’s Project Development Group (Teck project manager Brian Kennedy, P.Eng.; Teck construction manager Brad Thompson).

Landfill Environmental Upgrades For many years the District of Hope maintained a landfill beside Highway 1 that was expensive to operate, with an unfunded $3.5 million closure liability and leachate treatment plant that was not doing a good job. At the same time, Oxford Properties and JJM Construction were decommissioning the Norampac Paper Mill in Burnaby and needed to relocate 300,000 cubic meters of recycled cardboard waste. Sperling Hansen Associates identified a win-win solution whereby waste material from Norampac was transferred to the landfill. In exchange for disposal rights, JJM contributed $4 million to construction of a landfill cap, advanced leachate treatment system and new transfer station. The project has brought the District of Hope into compliance and restored Shadbolt Creek to a clean flowing stream. SHA completed the project engineering design, permitting and QA/QC. Client: District of Hope. Professionals involved: Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng.; Mircea Cvaci, P.Eng.; Dr. Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan, P.Eng.; and Cris Ciuperca, P.Eng. (Sperling Hansen Associates)

7K HD Pro Camera

Headquartered in Vancouver, Avigilon has developed the 7K HD Pro camera, the security industry’s first single-sensor camera at 7K (30 MP) resolution. The camera simultaneously provides maximum scene coverage while minimizing bandwidth and storage consumption, redefining the industry standard for high resolution imaging. The 7K HD Pro camera, when coupled with the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software featuring Avigilon’s patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology, combines clear image detail, effective processing power and efficient bandwidth and storage management. It offers horizontal resolution exceeding 7,000 pixels and more than 30 million total pixels. This device delivers clarity over vast areas and provides maximum coverage options.

Project team: Chris Monkiewicz; Jonathan Kehler; Colin Janssen; Greg Barber; Peter Guan; Blair Mackiewich, P.Eng.; Chris Richardson, P.Eng.; Craig Scratchley, P.Eng.; David Nunes; Eldon Wong, P.Eng.; Ken Jessen, P.Eng.; Matthew Murdoch, P.Eng.; Ralph Johns, P.Eng.; Shaun Marlatt; Oren Shir; Alex Chau; Juan Zepeda; Mark Lawson; Nick Alcock; Allen Cheng.


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