INNOVATION July-August 2015

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Tilt and Drop Switch System Special Effect (SFX) coaster represents the next step in the evolution of roller coasters, adding special effects and media-based experience to the conventional excitement from the high g-force. Dynamic Structures has developed a SFX coaster system including a Tilt and Drop Switch. This switch converts a segment of coaster track into a motion platform, breaks up the coaster track and swiftly reverses the direction of travel. The system is capable of providing repeatable, smooth and precise dynamic movements synchronized with audio-visual media delivered in a fully immersed projection dome. Together with a roller coaster vehicle, the system is actuated by a combination of electrical motors, gear boxes, linear motors, pneumatic and magnetic brakes. The switch structure is designed to survive intensive fatigue loads for more than 20 years. The system is currently being commissioned and will be installed at a new international theme park. System design, engineering and manufacturing: Dynamic Structures. Monte Clark Gallery Monte Clark Gallery is a new 4,500 square foot commercial art gallery located in the old Finning industrial complex in Vancouver. The primary goal of this project was to rejuvenate the 1963 concrete block building, exposing the bones of the existing building and creating a modern gallery space. In the east bay, a new mezzanine was constructed using reclaimed Douglas fir from a nearby warehouse that was being demolished. A new folded steel stair provides access to the mezzanine and is a central feature of the new space. Structural: Wicke Herfst Maver Consulting. Design and architect team: D’Arcy Jones Architect & M Saar Architecture. General contractor: Larry Halvorson.

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator System A.H. Lundberg Systems of Vancouver has designed and supplied an innovative multi-element wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) system to Fletcher Insulation for its fiberglass insulation manufacturing plant in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. Benefits of this project include improved control of the fiberglass production process and elimination of opacity generated by the plant fiberglass insulation forming lines. By dedicating each of the forming line emissions points to a specific WESP unit, the innovative WESP concept integrates the functions of primary scrubbing, fine particulate emissions management, and pressure/ vacuum control of each fiberglass forming line stage. The system of five WESPs is operational as of April 2015 and has significantly improved the surrounding environment. A.H. Lundberg Systems: Jay Van Deventer, P.Eng.; Rick Vandergriendt, P.Eng.; Tom To, AScT; Jack Scoular, AScT; Tim Binnema, AScT; Ben Lin, P. Eng.; Bruce Der, P.Eng.

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