INNOVATION July-August 2015

SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer The team at Saltworks Technologies completed the final construction of a SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer wastewater treatment plant at Saltworks’ facilities in Vancouver, BC. This SaltMaker is heading to a waste management landfill in eastern US for treating landfill leachate. The landfill gas powered SaltMaker concentrates the leachate and produces freshwater in a one-step zero-liquid-discharge (ZLD) onsite treatment system. Ben Sparrow, P.Eng., Saltworks’ CEO, invented the SaltMaker for treating highly impaired wastewaters while recycling waste heat to make freshwater and crystallizing the toughest brines. A team

of APEGBC members contributed to the patents and commercial product development. This is one example of wastewater treatment solutions developed by Saltworks for the world’s most demanding applications: fracking, oil sands, landfill leachate, reverse osmosis brine, spent acids and more.

ChemSulphide ® Water Treatment Plant

The Yinshan Mine ChemSulphide® Water Treatment Plant in southwest China is a joint venture project between BioteQ Environmental Technologies and Jiangxi Copper, China’s largest copper producer. With a hydraulic capacity of 700 cubic meters/hour, the plant combines BioteQ’s proprietary ChemSulphide ® process with lime neutralization to treat acid rock drainage and concurrently recover copper. In the first six months, the plant treated 1.2 million cubic meters of mine impacted water and recovered 240,000 pounds of copper sold to offset treatment costs. BioteQ provided the detailed design, oversaw plant construction, and provided commissioning support and training. The plant is managed jointly, with BioteQ responsible for technical operations and JCC the administrative, procurement and government relations. Both partners share equally in the cost and revenues. Project owner: JCC-BioteQ Environmental Technologies. Design and commissioning: BioteQ Environmental Technologies (David Sanguinetti, P.Eng.; Jon Reynolds, P.Eng.; Samuel Shieh, P.Eng.; Dan Kahn, EIT; Songlin Ye, P.Eng.; Melina Castellvi; Daniel Cook).

SewerVUE SewerVUE Technology is a Burnaby-based technology start-up focusing on development and deployment of innovative hardware and software for condition assessment of water, wastewater and

industrial pipelines. The SewerVUE Multi-sensor Pipe Inspection System (MPIS) is SewerVUE’s latest innovation–a 3D pipe profiling system equipped with state-of-the-art lidar, sonar, and CCTV technologies. In December 2014, SewerVUE successfully deployed the SewerVUE MPIS in a condition assessment project of sewer lines in Paris, France. The robustness of the system was proven as it prevailed over the hostile environment of the pipes. Through the integrated processing of the lidar, sonar, and CCTV data, SewerVUE produced a 3D model of the inner pipe wall, quantified sediment depth and volume, and produced visual footage of the inner pipe wall coded to NASSCO PACP standards. The findings of this project are currently being used by the asset owners to guide their pipe rehabilitation priorities. SewerVUE Technology Corp.: Dr. Csaba Ekes, P.Geo.


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