INNOVATION July-August 2015

APEG Foundation and Benevolent Fund Donors Giving Back to the Engineering and Geoscience Community APEGBC’s two charitable organizations—the APEG Foundation and the Engineers and Geoscientists Benevolent Fund—received generous support fromAPEGBCmembers this year. From July 2014 to June 2015, donations to the Foundation enabled the distribution of engineering and geoscience post-secondary education scholarships, while the Benevolent Fund received donations to fund its grant programs for members in exceptional financial need. The generosity of the donors listed below has played a vital part in enabling the continued operation of these important charities. On behalf of the Foundation and Benevolent Fund, thank you for your support. All donations to the APEG Foundation or Benevolent Fund are tax deductible. Donations are welcome year-round and can be forwarded to the APEG Foundation or Engineers and Geoscientists Benevolent fund c/o 200-4010 Regent St., Burnaby, BC, V5C 6N2.

FOUNDATION CONTRIBUTORS Benefactor ($25,000 - $49,999) Klohn Crippen Berger Platinum ($10,000 – $24,999) BC Hydro L.M. Murray, P.Eng. H.D. Plewes, P.Eng. Port Metro Vancouver B.D.Watts, P.Eng./P. Geo. Gold ($5,000 – $9,999) Advanced Energy Systems 1 Limited Partnership McElhanney Consulting Services R.S. Ng, P.Eng. Silver ($1,000 – $4,999) M.A. Faris, P.Eng. L.D. Hengeveld, P.Eng. KNE2 Holdings Ltd.

J.M. Leask, P.Eng. H. Lee, P.Eng. H. Lee, P.Eng. J. Leech,AScT, CAE S.F. Leslie, P.Eng. B.L. Liland, P.Eng. M.K. Ling, P.Eng. E. Livingston, P.Eng. R.C. Lo, P.Eng./P. Geo. G.J. Lord, P.Eng. T. Lynum, P.Eng. R.B. Maas, P.Eng. A.R. MacDougall, P.Eng. S.K. MacIntyre, P.Eng. D.M. MacLeod, P.Eng. L. Mah, P.Eng., FEC M. Mahmoud, P.Eng., FEC A. Majdzadeh, P.Geo. K.D. Marte, EIT T.E. Martin, P.Eng./P.Geo. J.W. Mason, P.Eng. A.D.Masztalar,P.Eng. J.F. Mausser, P.Eng. D.K. McJunkin, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.) E.J. McQuarrie, P.Eng., FEC

J.F. Hugo, P.Eng. H.M. Hussain, P.Eng. J.R. Hutchinson, P.Eng. J.E. Jackson, P.Eng. U. Jansons, P.Eng. J.H. Jarvis, P.Eng. R.W. Johnston, P.Eng. G.A. Jones, P.Eng. H.M. Jones, P.Eng. A.J. Jonusas, P.Eng. B.S. Khangura, P.Eng. W.S. King, P.Eng. P. Klit, P.Eng. S.P. Kocsis, P.Geo. K.D. Kompauer, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.) O. Kosarewicz, P.Eng. K. Kupka, P.Eng. A.M. Kyfiuk, P.Eng. D.M. La Pointe, P.Eng. A.S. Lal, P.Eng. G.J. Lamble, P.Eng. J.G. Lamont, P.Eng. D.A. Lamontagne, P.Eng. R.R. Lashin, P.Eng. M.J. Latham, P.Eng. G.P. Leask, P.Eng.

C.H. Gairns, P.Eng. D.C. Gairns, P.Eng. W.L.Giachino,P.Eng. I. Goldstone J.R. Grace, P.Eng. E.G. Grams, P.Eng. J.R. Green, P.Eng., FEC P.W. Green, P.Eng.

Knight Piesold Ltd. E.A. Portfors, P.Eng., FEC T.M. Smith, P.Geo.,Eng.L., FGC N.B.Vollo, P.Eng. Bronze ($100 – $999) B.Ainsworth, P.Eng. C.J.Andrewes, P.Eng. Associated Engineering ASTTBC P.C.Aucoin, P.Eng. R.G.Austin, P.Eng. E.S. Babinszki, P.Eng. C.A. Bailey, EIT P.B. Bakker, P.Eng. G.M. Barclay, P.Eng. D.J. Barnes, P.Eng. D.J. Barratt, P.Eng. A.J. Beattie, P.Eng. D.N.Bergman,P.Geo. C.W. Bildstein, P.Eng. A.L. Bingham, P.Eng. J.J. Blake, P.Eng. J.E. Bohn, P.Eng. G.W. Boorman, P.Eng., FEC E.J. Bremner, P.Eng.,

L.D. Cox, P.Eng. A.J. Crane, P.Eng. F.J. Cummings, P.Eng. T.A. Curran, P.Eng. B. Currie J.B. Dalrymple, P.Eng. A.P. Davis, P.Eng. W.R. Dawson, P.Eng. C.A. Day, P.Eng. K.H. de Regt, P.Eng. F.W. Denton, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.) H.J. Dill, P.Eng. R.W. Donaldson, P.Eng. P.F. Doyle, P.Eng. J. Duncan, P.Eng. J.V. Eby, P.Eng. V. Ehvert, P.Eng. C.J. English, P.Eng. A.J. English, P.Eng. D.A. English, P.Eng. G.J. Fairburn, P.Eng. K.G. Farquharson, P.Eng. M. Fischer, P.Eng. P.S. Fischl, P.Geo. N.W. Fletcher, P.Eng. D.B. Forster, P.Geo. R. Freundlich, P.Eng. R.J. Friedel, P.Eng.

FEC, FGC (Hon.)

P.W. Bryce, P.Eng. J.J. Burgerjon, P.Eng. J.A. Caldwell, P.Eng. G.L. Calver, P.Eng. M.H. Cameron, P.Eng., FEC F. Campbell, P.Eng. P.J. Carr, P.Eng. D.A. Chang, P.Eng. E.R. Chappell, P.Eng. N.J.Chevallier,P.Eng. D.A. Chivers, P.Eng. A.J. Chmelauskas, P.Eng. T.M. CHON.g, P.Eng. P.W. Chong, P.Eng. W.Y. Chu, P.Eng. J.J. Clague, P.Geo., FGC, FEC (Hon.) F.B. Claridge, P.Eng. D.R. Clark, P.Eng. J.A. Clarke, P.Geo., FGC, FEC (Hon.) D. Claus, P.Eng. G. Clausen, P.Eng. S.J. Coatta, P.Eng. D.C. Codville, P.Eng. E.W. Cokayne, P.Eng. W.J. Connery, P.Eng. J.R. Connor, P.Eng. G.A. Cook, P.Eng. Core Geotechnical Inc.

J. Gregr, P.Eng. B.T. Guy, P.Geo. J.P. Haile, P.Eng. M.A. Hamilton- Clark, P.Eng.

J.E. Hardy, P.Eng. G.R. Harris, P.Eng. D.I. Harvey, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., FEC D.G. Hay, P.Eng. W.H. Hayes, P.Eng. L.H. Hayton, P.Eng. H.M. Hayward, P.Eng. G.R. Heffernan, P.Eng. W.F. Herzer, P.Eng. P. Hipp, P.Eng. D.S. Ho, P.Eng. J. Holland, P.Eng., FEC J.H. Holm, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.) G.M. Horel, P.Eng., FEC

OQM Organizational Quality Management Program The following organizations have recently received OQM Certification. To find out more, visit Ausenco Engineering Canada Inc. Bisco Engineering Inc. CCI Group Inc. Core Geotechnical Inc. CWA Engineers Inc. Omicron Architecture Engineering Construction Ltd. P. K. Read Engineering Ltd. SynergyAspen Environmental Inc. Western Pacific Engineering Group Ltd.

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