INNOVATION July-August 2015

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R. Bashardoost, P.Eng. B.Sc. Islamic Azad ‘03, M.Sc. Amir Kabir U. of Tech. ‘08 H. Bateni, P.Eng. B.Sc. Iran ‘87, M.Sc. Sharif ‘89, Ph.D. Sharif ‘95 W.F. Bawden, P.Eng. B.Sc. Queen’s ‘70, M.Sc. Illinois ‘72, Ph.D. Toronto ‘80 N.Dipl. H.M. Armed Forces, HMS Sultan ‘89, B.Sc.(Hons.) Open U.United Kingdom ‘04, M.Sc. Surrey ‘10 A. Bellettini, P.Eng. L.Ing. Bologna ‘01 M.G. Beveridge, P.Eng. B.Sc. Queen’s ‘09 P.S. Bhatwadekar, P.Eng. B.Sc. Maharaja G.R. Beels, P.Eng.

J.R. Bing, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘06 M.J. Bitter, P.Eng. Dipl.T. BCIT ‘04, Adv. Dipl. Camosun ‘06, B.A.Sc. UBC ‘08 D.G. Blake, P.Eng. B.Eng. U. College Cork (UCC) ‘87 G.L. Bolton, P.Eng. B.S. Colorado, Boulder ‘98 E. Boozarjomehri, P.Eng. B.Sc. Sharif U. of Tech. ‘07, M.A.Sc. UBC ‘09 O. Bot, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘07 C.J.R.G. Boutin, P.Eng. B.Eng. Sherbrooke ‘73 K.D. Boyko, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘09 M.A. Boyle, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘08 O.W. Brasnett, P.Eng. B.Sc. Alberta ‘09

R.N. O’Brien, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘51, M.A.Sc. UBC ‘52, A. Orr, P.Eng. B.Sc. Paisley ‘56 W. Parkinson, P.Eng. B.Sc. Manitoba ‘53 M.J. Patrick, P.Eng. B.Sc. Saskatchewan ‘52 R.E. Pelkey, P.Eng. B.Sc. Saskatchewan ‘52, M.S. Illinois, Chicago ‘60 K. Petrie, P.Eng. HNC. Manchester College of Tech. ONC Stockport Tech. College ’41 R.C. Quittenton, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. Toronto ‘43, M.A.Sc. Toronto ‘48, Ph.D. Toronto ‘53 W.R. Redel, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘49 W.J. Riva, P.Eng. B.Sc. Alberta ‘49 J.A. Rogers, P.Eng. IEE. Southhampton ‘47 I.F. Ruebsam, P.Eng. Dipl.Ing. Kassel ‘51 D.W. Seymour, P. Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘73 A. Spearman, P.Eng. HNC Rutherford College of Tech. ‘44 H.K. Taylor, P.Eng. B.Sc. London, Imperial Coll. of Sci,Tech &Med ‘37 R.N. Tribe, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. Waterloo ‘66, M.A.Sc. Waterloo ‘69 F.J. Winstanley, P.Eng. HNC. Liverpool Regional College of Tech. ‘49 K.C. Yu, P.Eng. B.Sc. Zhejiang ‘46, M.A.Sc. UBC ‘67 NEWMEMBERS APEC& EMF REGISTER U.H. Renk, P.Eng. Dipl. RWThAachen ‘91 PROVISIONAL MEMBERS A.M. Al-Zubaidy B.Sc. Al-Mustansiriyah ‘00 H. Sajjadi B.Eng. Tehran ‘93, M.S. Iran Ph.D. Manchester ‘55

G. Bak, P.Eng. B.Sc. Waterloo ‘08 W.J. Baker, P.Eng. B.Sc. (Eng.) Queen’s ‘09 D. Balazs, P.Eng. M.Sc. Budapest U. of Tech.&Econ. ‘02, Dipl. d’Ing. ESTP ‘02 H.A. Ball, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘09 S.J. Banks, P.Eng. B.Eng. TUNS ‘97, M.Sc. Alberta ‘01 J.F. Bao, P.Eng. B.E. North China Inst. of Wtr. Cons. &Hydroe. ‘94, B.Sc. Concordia ‘05 B. Baradaran-Laylabadi, P.Eng. B.Sc. (Eng.) Tehran Islamic Azad, South ‘98 L. Barjesteh, P.Eng. B.Sc. Sharif U. ‘01 J.X. Baron, P.Eng. B.Eng. Central South U. of Tech. ‘06, M.Eng. UBC ‘09

INMEMORIAM The Association announces with regret the passing of the following members: A.G. Bohl Arbulu,, S.B. Carroll, P.Eng. B.Sc. Manitoba ‘53 B.H. Clements, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘51 T.J. Donaldson, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘53 J.E. Falkenberg, P.Eng. B.Sc. Cape Town ‘52, M.B.A. SFU ‘79 S. Fukuyama, P.Eng. B.Sc. Manitoba ‘52 H.B. Fulton, P.Eng. B.Sc. Manitoba ‘54 A.V. Gallon, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘47 B.F. Garrood, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘63 F.M. Henry, P.Eng. B.Sc. Saskatchewan ‘50 F. Hochhold, P.Eng. Okleveles Budapest U. of Tech.& Econ. ‘48 F.A. Lang, P.Eng. B.A. UBC ‘46, M.A. UBC ‘48 F.D. Leeder, P.Eng. B.Sc. Alberta ‘46, M.B.A. Michigan ‘56 J.C. Loretto, P.Eng. B.Sc.London, Imperial Coll. of Sci. Tech &Med ‘47 S.C. MacKenzie, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘59 C.W. McMichael, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. Toronto ‘53 R.C. McMordie, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘50 A.A. McPherson, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘50 G.D. McRae, P.Eng. B.Sc. Alberta ‘39 G.H. Montgomery, P.Eng. B.Eng. McGill ‘50 W.A. Morgan, P.Eng. IEE,Belfast College of Tech.’54 A.W. Mullan, P.Eng. B.Sc. McGill ‘50 F.R. Mullen, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘50 K.G. Murphy, P.Geo. P.Eng. B.Sc. Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas ‘03, M.A.Sc. UBC ‘07

M. Shabestari B.Sc.Eng. Tehran ‘74, M.Sc.Eng. Tehran ‘75 PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS R. Abdel Maksoud, P.Eng. B.Sc. Alexandria ‘03 O. Abrudean, P.Eng. Dipl. d’Ing. Tech. Inst. of Cluj-Napoca ‘01 S. Afkhami, P.Eng. B.Sc. Iran U. of Sci. & Tech.’93, M.Sc. Tehran ‘98, Ph.D. Tehran ‘05 R. Ahmed, P.Eng. B.Sc. U. of Eng. & Tech. (UET), Lahore ‘84 M.A.M. Al-Mamun, P.Eng. B.Sc. Bangladesh U. of Eng. and Tech. ‘98, M.Sc. Calgary ‘05 A.A. Alatrash, P.Eng. B.Sc. Al-Balq’a Applied U., Amman U. College ‘05 P.W. Allard, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘10 M. Alviri, P.Eng. B.Sc. U. of Eng. & Tech. (UET), Lahore ‘73 S. Amiralaei, P.Eng. B.A.Sc. UBC ‘10 M.P. Amlin, P.Eng. P.Eng. B.Sc.(Eng.) Saskatchewan ‘07 P.F. Antunes, P.Eng. B.S. Walla Walla College ‘97 D. Apai, P.Eng. B.E. (Hons.) Western Australia ‘02 G.D. Araujo, P.Eng. B.Eng. Gama Filho ‘96, M.Sc. Wales, Cardiff ‘02 N.C. Arlt, P.Eng. B.Sc. Calgary ‘11 M. Ataullah, P.Eng. B.E. NEDU. of Engineering and Tech. ‘98, M.Eng. Calgary ‘09 N.D. Bailey, P.Eng. B.Sc. Mount Allison ‘99, B.A.Sc. UNBC ‘09 Cert. Kwantlen ‘02, Dipl.Tech. BCIT ‘04, Adv. Dipl. Camosun ‘05, B.Eng. Victoria ‘08 C.D. Andreas,

Sayajirao ‘81, B.E. Maharaja Sayajirao ‘84

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U. of Sci. & Tech. (Elm-Va-Sanat) ‘96

B.A. Winnipeg ‘81, B.Sc. Manitoba ‘84


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