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around the province over the last 6 months. During this reporting period, APEGBC branches engaged over 650 K-12 students, participating in classroom visits around BC and science related events. Over 200 post-secondary students were engaged through branch initiatives. Branches also continued to play a key role in member engagement, hosting 19 successful professional development events attracting nearly 700 attendees. This included presentations on traffic and transit in the Lower Mainland, liquefied natural gas, and the Bowker Creek Remediation. Included in 11 tours organized by the branches were the Louisiana Pacific Peace Valley OSB Plant Tour and a tour of Sky Train Operations. Progress on Strategic Plan Council received an update on the progress of milestones and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for APEGBC’s current Strategic Plan. The Council Road Map, outlining areas of focus for 2014-2015, was also reviewed. While APEGBC is still in earliest stages of implementing the strategic plan, much work has been done to date. The association is on track to achieve the outcomes we have set and most of the KPIs are indicative of this, while others are being monitored more closely at this time.

New Policy on Experience Submissions for Professional Engineer Licensure Applicants APEGBC Council has approved a policy on the Transition to Competency-Based Reporting of Engineering Experience. This policy sets a formalized deadline of April 1, 2015, after which experience submissions from new professional engineer applicants must be completed in accordance with the Competency Framework approved by Council in 2011. Current applicants will be able to continue to report in the format they have been using, either the traditional report or the Competency Framework. Committee to Have Greater Oversight of Association Awards The Terms of Reference for the Standing Awards Committee were revised to incorporate the review and approval of existing and new awards, and of all recipients of association awards. This will bring a higher level of consistency and oversight to the awards process. Accredited Employer Training Program Pilot Approved Council adopted a proposed framework for the APEGBC Accredited Employer Training Program and approved the implementation of a pilot program. Under this initiative, en- gineering and geoscience employers will be able to create their own training programs for EITs and GITs and apply to have the programs accredited by APEGBC. Applicants who have completed their training through these accredited programs will be routed through an expedited registration review. Endorsement of Housing Foundations and Geotechnical Guide Council has approved APEGBC’s endorsement of the Housing Foundations and Geotechnical Challenges: Best Practices for Residential Builders in British Columbia guide published by the Homeowner Protection Office. The guide has been prepared to promote best practices by builders with respect to geotechnical issues, both when selecting a site and when constructing single and multi-family residences. Criteria for Honorary Membership Approved Council approved guidelines for awarding honorary membership with APEGBC. The guidelines were proposed by the Standing Awards Committee and provide increased guidance and specificity for bestowing this honour. Honorary membership recognizes non-members who have made outstanding contributions to the professions of engineering and/or geoscience. Branch Contributions to Member Engagement Council received a report of local branch activities from APEGBC’s Council of elected members and government representatives meets throughout the year to conduct the business of the association governance. The follow- ing are the highlights of the February 13, 2015 meeting

APPOINTMENTS ABCFP/APEGBC Joint Practices Board Bill Grainger, P.Geo., Eng.L. Building Enclosure Committee Brennan Vollering, P.Eng. Climate Change Advisory Group Mark Porter, P.Eng., Struct. Eng. (Chair) Brent Burton, P.Eng. Sean Marte, P.Eng. Dr. Brian Menounos, P.Geo. Dr. Conor Reynolds, P.Eng. Dr. Malcolm Shield, P.Eng. Glen Shkurhan, P.Eng. Continuing Professional Development Committee Mark Adams, P.Eng. Dr. Hamid Ghanbari, EIT Editorial Board Matthew Klippenstein, P.Eng. (Chair) Matthew Zieleman, EIT Glen Parker, P.Eng. Jennifer Pouliotte

Geoscience Committee Shiloh Carlson, P.Eng. Garth Kirkham, P.Geo., FGC Governance Committee Tajdin Mitha, LLB (Chair) Organizational Quality Management Committee Frank Dacho, P.Eng. Registration Committee Ross Rettie, P.Eng., FEC Registration Fairness Panel Paul Blanchard, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon) (Chair) Donald Delcourt, Eng.L. John Watson, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon) Sustainability Committee Kerly Acosta Salgado, P.Eng. Geoffrey Karcher, P.Eng. More information about APEGBC Council meetings is available online at:


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