INNOVATION May-June 2015

Next Steps A revised bylaw is currently being drafted to incorporate the revisions. Council will review the bylaw at its meeting on June 19, 2015, and the full text of the bylaw will be made available to members once it has been approved by Council. In late August, voting will open for the professional development bylaw, in conjunction with the Council election. Members and licensees will cast their votes over a period of five weeks. In order to be ratified, the bylaw will need to be supported by two-thirds or 66.67% of voters. If the bylaw is ratified, the new professional development requirements will be effective as of January 1, 2017. Learning More About the Program and the Revised Bylaw APEGBC is responding to member requests for more information on the program and how they can meet the requirements of the proposed program. A website will be launched in late June that will feature more comprehensive information on program requirements, CPD opportunities, reporting, compliance, exceptions, and benefits, as well as an interactive question and answer section. The full text of the bylaw, along with supporting information, will also be made available to members once it has been approved by Council. “Our goal is to provide members with information about how the bylaw is designed to meet their unique requirements,” said Clague. “CPD can take many forms, but at the core, it’s a critical part of building and maintaining public trust in our highly-specialized professions. It has been adopted by our professional colleagues in other provinces, and it’s increasingly considered a best-practice by government.” The changes proposed to the CPD program are designed with one goal: to meet the high standards expected of the professions by establishing a program that works for members and their specific needs and circumstances. v

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