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their bottom line, which can result in more employment for all. The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC has committed to both improving the retention of practicing female engineering and geoscience professionals and increasing the participation of women in the profession. In concert, ACEC-BC is encouraging our member firms to take part in a study for Dr. Croft

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of BC hosted its annual Awards of Excellence Gala in Vancouver on April 10th. While this event recognized outstanding projects undertaken by our consulting engineering community, there was another achievement that deserves mention–sharing the stage was the Lieutenant Governor of BC, the Honourable Judith Guichon; the Chair of ACEC-Canada, Anne Poschmann; and the Chair of ACEC-BC Catherine Fritter. When we include the Premier of British Columbia Christy Clark, who was invited but unavailable, and the President of APEGBC, Ann English–our event highlighted a formidable array of female leadership and talent! While their roles are remarkable, everyone recognizes that more needs to done to attract more women to engineering. Dr. Elizabeth Croft, NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean, Education & Professional Development, has observed that “over 55% of students who study science at university are women yet less than 20% of engineering and geoscience students and only 11% of professional engineers and geoscientists are female—this must change. The future of our profession depends on drawing from the widest pool of diverse and talented young people and provid- ing a welcoming environment that ensures their success.” Why is it so important to attract and retain more women in engineering and leadership positions? As Saddia Zhahidi, head of the Women Leaders’ Programme at the World Economic Forum in 2009 stated, “Women make up half of the human resources available to any country. If that half is not being channeled into the economy and not being made part of decision-making pro- cesses, then that country’s economic potential is bound to suffer.” Likewise for corporations: a study by Roy D. Adler at Pepperdine University found convincing results by examining 215 Fortune 500 companies from 1980 to 1998. By studying corporate results over 19 years, a strong correlation was found between companies with more women at the executive level, and increased profitability. Between 2005 and 2007, this was corrobo- rated by a subsequent McKinsey study of 89 European compa- nies, which came to the same conclusion. At the University of Michigan, Scott Page found further evi- dence and stated, “The diverse group almost always outperforms the group of the best by a substantial margin.” Working with Lu Hong of Loyola University Chicago, Page developed a mathemat- ical formula called the Diversity Prediction Theorem to show that the collective ability of any crowd is enhanced by a factor quanti- fying the diversity of the group, in addition to the average ability of its members. As a result, companies need to view diversity as a key strategy to bring increased success. In an additional McKinsey study, companies with three or more women in senior leadership scored higher in positive attributes such as innovation, capability, work environment, and accountability. So overall, we can conclude that hiring and retain- ing more women will benefit companies in many ways, including

through a study program on “Engineering Workplace Policies and Experiences.” More women in engineering and leadership, and the possible benefits, can be accomplished by fostering inclusive, diverse workplaces, and making educational resources that promote the benefits of having a diverse workplace easily accessible and readily available. v Catherine Fritter is Business Unit Leader at Moffatt &Nichol Vancouver, and the 2014/2015 Chair of the ACEC-BC Board of Directors.

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