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Member Awareness Urged on Responsibilities for Field Reviews, Cross-discipline Projects, Use of Seal APEGBC recently met with the Regional Permits

undertake professional engineering or professional geoscience works when they have the appropriate training, knowledge and experience required to carry out such professional activities. This principle also holds true for multi- and cross-discipline projects (for example, geotechnical and structural on a Part 9 building) where an APEGBC professional may assume responsibility for aspects outside the professional’s usual domain of expertise. Where they apply, the relevant APEGBC professional practice guidelines must be followed. Field Reviews To complete and submit letters of assurance under the British Columbia Building Code or the Vancouver Building By-law , APEGBC members and licensees must provide assurance that the relevant components of a constructed work substantially comply with the design, as well as the relevant building code and other applicable enactments. Such assurance can only be achieved by the professional carrying out the necessary field reviews, either in person or under direct supervision. More specifically, the Engineers and Geoscientists Act and the letters of assurance require that field reviews be carried out by, or under the direct supervision of, the appropriate

and Licensing Committee, which convenes building officials from Lower Mainland municipalities. At the March 20, 2015, meeting, a number of areas of concern were identified that APEGBC members should be aware of with respect to their professional practice. Use of the APEGBC seal APEGBC members and licensees are reminded to familiarize themselves with the correct use and application of their seal. In accordance with Section 20(9) of the Engineers and Geoscientists Act , APEGBC members and licensees must authenticate with their seal, signature and date, documents they prepare and deliver in their professional capacity or that have been prepared and delivered under their direct supervision. For additional guidance on this topic, APEGBC members and licensees should refer to the following: • APEGBC Quality Management Guidelines – Use of the APEGBC Seal • APEGBC Quality Management Guidelines – Direct Supervision Multi- and Cross-Discipline Projects APEGBC members and licensees may only

registered professional of record. For additional guidance on this topic, APEGBC members should refer to the following: • APEGBC Quality Management

Guidelines – Field Reviews during Construction and Implementation.

APEGBC’s guidelines are available online at guidelines. For questions regarding the guidelines, or to reach an APEGBC practice advisor, email, or

contact us directly at: Lindsay Steele, P.Geo. Practice Advisor

604.412.6056 or toll-free 1.888.430.8035 ext. 6056 Harshan Radhakrishnan, P.Eng.

Practice Advisor

604.412.6054 or toll-free 1.888.430.8035 ext. 6054 v

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