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Law & Ethics December 9 & 10, 2013 – Vancouver, BC

yourself or your sta , Dawn will share how to lessen unproductive behaviour by strengthening new, laborsaving practices that make take advantage of today’s workplace. Current Interruption Transients in AC Power Systems January 29 - 31, 2014 – Vancouver, BC This advanced course covers the origin and derivation of the transient recovery voltage (TRV) requirements for circuit breakers applied for fault clearing and the switching of inductive and capacitive loads. The course rst develops the fundamental concepts involved following current interruption including oscillatory circuits, symmetrical components, and travelling waves. Tablet Computers and Smart Phone for Deployment Seminar January 29, 2014 – Vancouver, BC Part 1 Seminar: Suitable for both managers and eld personnel that are interested in potentially using Android and/or Apple mobile devices for eld use. Part 2Workshop: This workshop will get eld sta started o “on the right foot”with the use of these mobile devices. Participants should bring their own device to this workshop to receive hands-on training in the use of“core” applications for eld use. Industrial Maintenance Management: A Rational Approach February 3, 2014 – Vancouver, BC Industrial maintenance has been performed since the industrial revolution, so why is maintenance still often seen as the best place to reduce costs and improve plant performance? Here’s an opportunity to stand back and look at all aspects of maintenance from a new, logical viewpoint. This seminar focuses on a tactical plan in shaping a business. The information provided is based on actual consulting engineering rms that have used this process to create momentum within their business. Principles of AlarmManagement for Complex Systems Seminar February 12, 2014 – Vancouver, BC This seminar will provide participants with an introduction to the principles of alarm management and strategies for evaluating, monitoring, and Planning for a Successful Business Seminar February 6, 2014 – Vancouver, BC

Call for Presenters Are you an expert in your field who would like to contribute to the future of engineering and geoscience? APEGBC is actively seeking members to present on a variety of topics. For more information, please visit APEGBC Online Learning Centre The Online Learning Centre features audio recordings of previously held APEGBC seminars, synchronized with PowerPoint.New sessions will be added thorough the year. Visit erings/ Online-and-Distance-Education for a complete listing of sessions available. Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, community forums, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest. The pressure to deploy these social media heavy hitters in the service of company branding is both intense and confusing. Younger employees see them as digital extensions of everyday life. Seasoned personnel such as project managers, division leaders, and company CEO’s are often puzzled by their strategic value. improving an alarm management system. Key concepts of EEMUA 191 and other authoritative sources of guidance for alarm management will be presented. A variety of accidents linked to problems in the management of alarms will be used to illustrate some of these key concepts. Project Management: A Team Approach Workshop February 18 & 19, 2014 – Vancouver, BC Successful projects result from good time and cost control, e ective team leadership, and highly motivated teams. These are achieved by using a team approach in planning, scheduling, monitoring, and evaluating projects. This two-day seminar combines technical project management tools with the team processes needed to ensure that the tools work. Ways to Market Your Business Online Seminar February 19, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, or via Webex Come listen to the onlinemarketing experts fromSnaptech as they compare 7 internet marketing strategies to gadgets & resources that 007 uses in themovies to get the job done.You’ll discover your ownwinning solution tomarket your business that leaves you shaken, not stirred, but in a goodway. Social Media: Requirement or Extravagance Seminar February 20, 2014 – Vancouver, BC

Learn about the overview of occupational health and safety, employment law, practical law, the professions, practice review, APEGBC’s discipline and enforcement process, as well as code of ethics that are critical to your practice as a professional engineer or geoscientist.

OQM Training Session December 10, 2013 – Burnaby, BC

APEGBC’s Organizational Quality Management (OQM) program has been developed to improve the quality management of professional engineering and geoscience practices at the individual and organizational level. This voluntary program o ers certi cation to participating organizations. This group is oriented towards small- rm owners or sole proprietors who are ready to expand and re ne their businesses. The focus will be on using best practices and successful growth strategies. Social Media Policy and Etiquette in the Workplace January 13, 2014 – Vancouver, BC If you are still working on your social media policy and not sure where to start, this workshop will set you on the right path. WHY are you doing social media? Done right, it will increase your connections and productivity. Done wrong, it can lead to misunderstandings, frustration, and more. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design of Culverts January 20 & 21, 2014 – Campbell River, BC Today’s design engineers who work with transportation agencies are asked to develop more complex and complete designs for culverts than ever before. Evolving requirements now often include aquatic organism passage and aspects of long-term channel stability. This course will provide participants the knowledge necessary to design a culvert considering issues of peak ow, aquatic organism passage, and local policies of importance. The Science of Productivity: Practical Applications in the Workplace January 23, 2014 – Vancouver, BC In this lively session, Dawn Groves will share the latest behaviour science research designed to help you let go of outdated, unproductive work habits. Whether it’s for Better Business Group December 18, 2013 – Burnaby, BC

For a complete listing of events or for more information, visit or contact APEGBC Professional Development at 604.430.8035 or 1.888.430.8035.

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