INNOVATION November-December 2013

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T. Calderoni, P.Eng. Civil (Ing. National Autonomous U. of Mexico ‘82) A.C. Camacho, P.Eng. Civil (B.S.C.E. Tech. Inst. of the Philip- pines ‘91) D.D.A. Campbell, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘03) D. Casola, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘10) H. Chan, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘05) T.R. Chavner, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘07) W.C. Cheng, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘09) A. Clain, P.Eng. Electri- cal (Dipl.Ingen. Transilvania U. of Brasov ‘77) M. Coles, P.Eng. Elec- trical (B.Sc. Alberta ‘01) L.E. Cotter, P.Eng. Chemical (B.Eng. (Hons.) Melbourne ‘02, M.Sc.A. Ecole Polytechnique ‘08)

J.E. Craig, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Eng. McGill ‘92) Electrical (B.Eng. Polytechnical U. of Bucharest ’89, Ph.D. Delft U. of Tech. ‘03) Metallurgical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘07, M.Eng. UBC ‘12) C.B. De Ala, P.Eng. Electrical (B.Sc. Manitoba ‘08) M. Desbois, P.Eng. Civil (B.Eng. Concordia ‘81) D.M. Devonald, P.Eng. Geological (B.Sc. (Hons.) Aberystwyth ‘89, M.Sc. Durham ‘90) S.S. Dhanjal, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Sc. Calgary ‘02) P.P. Driedger, P.Eng. Civil (B.E. Saskatch- ewan ‘92) M. Dufour, P.Eng. E. Cretu, P.Eng. A.T. Daniel, P.Eng.

S.V. Duplus, P.Eng. Civil (Dipl. d’ Ing. Strasbourg I, Louis Pasteur ‘04) A. Fahimi, P.Eng. In- dustrial (B.Sc. Iran U. of Sci. & Tech. (Elm- Va-Sanat) ‘04, M.Sc. Tehran ‘13, M.B.A. Alberta ‘09) R.K. Fehr, P.Eng. Elec- trical (B.Eng. Victoria ‘07) I. Finkelshteyn, P.Eng. Civil (Dipl. Kiev Inst. of Highway Engineer- ing ‘57, Ph.D. Mos- cow Inst. of Highway Eng. ‘76) A. Fitch, P.Eng. Mining (B.Eng. McGill ‘10) M.F. Fleischhaker, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. Ottawa ‘10) M.W. Fogarty, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Eng. Victoria ‘09) J.B. George, P.Eng. Electrical (B.Sc. Alberta ‘98) P.J. Girard, P.Eng. Chemical (B.Sc. Alberta ‘81)

D.G. Munro, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Sc. Saskatchewan ‘53) L.K. Narod, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘48) A.H. Panzer, P.Eng. Agricultural and Bioresource (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘85) S.J. Pedley, P.Eng. Geological (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘50) R.S. Rogers, P.Geo . Geology (B.Sc. UBC ‘80, M.Sc. Queen’s ‘81) T.L. Spraggs, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘63) Y. Tai, P.Eng. Electri- L.A. Taylor, P.Eng. Electrical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘52) R.D.Thomas, P.Eng. Forest (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘50) P.F.Thomson, P.Eng. Electrical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘59) Life Members The following members have been granted Life Membership under Bylaw 10(c1): K.L. Beynon, P.Eng. Chemical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘66) H.G. Fenske, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.A.Sc. Toronto ‘67) L.A. Fisher, P.Eng. Elec- trical (B.Sc. Dalhousie cal (B.Sc. National Kwang-Si, Kweilin ‘46, M.Eng. McGill ‘51) ‘66, B.Eng. Tech. U. of Nova Scotia ‘68, M.Eng. Tech. U. of Nova Scotia ‘70) Mechanical (B.Eng. Tehran ‘57, M.Eng. Tech. U. of Nova Scotia ‘67) G.J. Salmins, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. Toronto ‘61) K.K. Sanon, P.Eng. Civil (B.E. Mysore ‘59) S. Vila, P.Eng. Civil (Ing. Chile ‘62) K. Kaye, P.Eng.

A.M. Albat, P.Eng. Mechanical (Dipl.Ing. Carolo-Wilhelmina Tech. U. of Brunswick ‘93, Ph.D. UBC ‘98) M.E. Alcayaga, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Sc. Alberta ‘94) Y. Alle-Ando, P.Eng. F.A. Al-Shakarchi, P.Eng. Electrical (B.Sc. Baghdad ‘88, M.Sc. Baghdad ‘96) B. Amir-Sardary, P.Eng. Chemical (B.Sc.Eng. Sharif U. of Tech. ‘03, M.A.Sc. UBC ‘12) M.N. Andoseh Nanya, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. Ottawa ‘06) D. Avar, P.Eng. Mining (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘07) B. Azizi Ghanad, P.Eng. Electrical (B.Sc. Tehran ‘04, M.A.Sc. Ryerson ‘07) A. Bahrami, P.Eng. Civil (B.Sc.Eng. Tehran ‘91, M.Eng. UBC ‘01) L. Barcelo, P.Eng. Mechanical Electrical (B.Sc. Sharif U. of Tech. ’01, M.A.Sc. Simon Fraser ‘05, Ph.D. Simon Fraser ‘09) J. Beausejour, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Eng. McGill ‘77) B.A. Berhe, P.Eng. Electrical (B.Eng. Ryerson ‘08) K.J. Beuker, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Eng. Saskatch- ewan ‘99) A.L. Brisson, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. Waterloo ‘99) R.P. Brown, P.Eng. Mining (B.Sc.Eng. Queen’s ‘09) S.P. Brown, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Eng. Ryerson ‘07) N.A. Bunda, P.Eng. (B.Eng. Ecole de Tech. Superieure ‘05) S. Bavarian, P.Eng. Civil (B.Eng. Ecole Polytechnique ‘01, M.A.Sc. UBC ‘05)

In Memoriam The association announces with regret the passing of the following members: T.J. Allen, P.Eng. Min- ing (B.S. Montana State, Bozeman ‘55) F. W. Baumann, P.Eng. Geological Eng. (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘71) H.J. Bosche, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘50) R.L. Coulman, P.Eng. Structural (B.Sc. Alberta ‘59) R.S. Cunliffe, P.Eng., FEC Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘49) N.J. Deck, P.Eng. Civil (B.Sc. Saskatchewan ‘52) R.W. Edwards, P.Eng. Forest (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘49, M.F. New Bruns- wick ‘80) W. Fox, P.Eng. Electrical (B.Sc. Alberta ‘51) G.H. Goto, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘84) K.W. Hall, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘50) H.N. Halvorson, P.Eng. Metallurgical (B.A. UBC ‘55, M.Sc. UBC ‘56, Ph.D. UBC ‘65) J.G. Hannan, P.Eng. Electrical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘47) F.P. Hodgson, P.Eng. Mining (B.Sc. Sas- katchewan ‘50) D.O. Huber, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Eng. Victoria ‘93) R.G. Humphries, P.Eng. Petroleum (B.Sc. Alberta ‘49) E.D. Jamieson, P.Eng. Mining (B.Sc. Edin- burgh ‘60) F.R. Jeffery, P.Eng. Civil (B.Sc. Saskatchewan ‘52) R.K. Kidd, P.Eng. Civil (B.Sc. Alberta ‘54) K.C. Lucas, P.Eng. Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘52) W.G. Mcintosh, P.Eng. Mechanical (B.Sc. Manitoba ‘36) N.D. Mishra, P.Eng. Electrical (B.Sc. Banaras Hindu ‘43, Dipl. Indian Inst. of Science, Bangalore ‘46, S.M. Harvard ‘48, M.E. Harvard ‘50) Mechanical (B.Sc. Saskatchewan ‘65) B.W. Cole, P.Eng.

Mechanical (B.A. Sherbrooke ‘05)

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Mechanical (Dipl. Ing. Polytechnical U. of Bucharest ‘87) P.Eng. Chemical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘02)

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Shukla ‘98, M.Sc. Sas- katchewan ’01, Ph.D. Saskatchewan ‘11) J.K. Adom, P.Eng. Civil (B.Eng. Carleton ‘08)

M.A. Burgoyne,


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