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A. Lemaire, EIT

T. Horalek, EIT

International Consultants Power and Control Engineering Lex Engineering Ltd.

• High Voltage Substations & Transmission Lines • Industrial Power Distribution & Control • Dynamic Power Systems Analysis • IPP Interconnection & Power Generation • Utility Liaison • Concepts, Detailed Design • Contract Administration and Start-ups • 30 years of Quality Service

Civil (M.Ing. Ecole de Tech. Superieure ‘13, Dipl. d’ Ing. Inst. National des Sci. Ap- pliquees ‘13) A.S. Leung, EIT Mining (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) D.D. Lewis, EIT Civil (B.Sc. Queen’s ‘13) C.R. Liyanage, EIT Electrical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) M.T. Loconte, EIT Mechanical (B.Eng. BCIT ‘13, Dipl.Tech. BCIT ‘10) L.C. Lukasewich, EIT Mining (B.S.Eng. Alberta ‘08) D.A.F. Majid, EIT Chemical (B.A.Sc. Ottawa ‘13) S. Malhotra, EIT Elec- trical (B.A.Sc. Simon Fraser ‘13) R.A. Mankowske, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) G.J. Mann, EIT Civil (B.Eng. Lakehead ‘12, Dipl.T.P. BCIT ‘06) K.E. Martin, EIT Civil (Dipl.Tech. Camosun College ‘07, B.Eng. Lakehead ‘10) K.E. McCabe, EIT Mechanical (B.E.Sc. Western Ontario ‘09) W.R.D. McEwan, EIT Mechanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) M.G. Mishkova, EIT Structural (M.Eng. (Hons) Edinburgh ‘13) K.R. Moeller, EIT Electrical (B.Eng. Victoria ‘05) L. Mohammadi, EIT Mining (B.Sc. Tehran ‘02, M.Sc. Tehran ‘05, Ph.D. UBC ‘11) D. Motamedi, EIT Civil (B.Sc. Tehran ‘06, M.Sc. Tehran ‘08, Ph.D. British Colum- bia Okanagan ‘13) C.M. Naismith, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘08, Grad.Dipl. Con- cordia ‘12) F.A. Nazem, EIT Electrical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘12) B.J. Neilson, EIT Elec- trical (B.Eng. Waikato ‘09) S. Ng, EIT Mining (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘11) K.C. Ngo, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) D. Nofal, EIT Electrical (B.Eng. Carleton ‘13)

Structural (Inz. Czech Tech. U. of Prague ‘08, Mgstr.Inz. Czech Tech. U. of Prague ‘10) U. of Eng. and Tech. ‘09, M.A.Sc. British Columbia Okanagan ‘13) N. Houshmand, EIT Electrical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) L. Hu, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) Y. Hu, EIT Engineering Physics (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) R.G. Idzes, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) G. Ioannou, EIT Mechanical (B.A.Sc. Simon Fraser ‘13) L.E. Jankola, EIT Civil (Dipl.Tech. BCIT ‘11, B.Eng. BCIT ‘13) A.S. Johal, EIT Mechanical (Dipl. Camosun College ‘11, B.Eng. Lakehead ‘13) F.T.S. Johnson, EIT Environmental (B.Env.Sc Monash ‘08) M. Kamyabnejad, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) R. Katarya, EIT Me- chanical (B.Tech. Ku- rukshetra ‘10, M.Eng. Concordia ‘13) M.G. Keast, EIT Civil (Dipl. ‘11, B.Eng. Lakehead ‘13) M.L. Kempis, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) J.W. Kim, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) L.M. King, EIT Civil (B.E.Sc. Western Ontario ‘11, M.E.Sc. Western Ontario ‘12) A.E. Koeck, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘12) B.C. Kohn, EIT Mechanical (B.A.Sc. British Columbia Okanagan ‘13) D. Kong, EIT Engineer- ing Physics (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) L.L. Lambiotte, EIT Mechanical (B.Sc. Witwatersrand Johannesburg ‘09) J.J. Lao, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) J.S. Lee, EIT Mechani- cal (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) M.H. Legal, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) A. Hossain, EIT Civil (B.Sc. Bangladesh

200-2560 Simpson Rd. Richmond, BC V6X 2P9 Phone (604) 273-1758 Fax: (604) 273 1759 E-Mail: •

Trusted partners in the creation & management of sustainable world class infrastructure

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Emergency Response Planning Energy Reuse Infrastructure Asset Management Municipal Engineering Road Safety Transportation Planning & Engineering

Solid Waste Management Stormwater Management Wastewater Treatment & Reuse Trenchless Technologies Water Supply & Treatment SCADA

Abbotsford Calgary Kelowna North Vancouver Prince George Smithers Victoria Whitehorse

• High Voltage Maintenance • Testing and Commissioning • Power System Protection and Electrical Design • MV Switchgear and unit substation supply

Office: 250-590-8912 . Fax: 250-590-8917 . Email: .

PARTNERINGTO PROVIDE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS  Contaminated Site Assessment & Remediation  Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment  Impact Assessment & Community Engagement  Air, Acoustics & Climate Change  Geotechnical  Water Resources

ENVIRONMENT & WATER DIVISION 8648 Commerce Court, Burnaby, BC V5A 4N6 Tel: 604-515-5151 or 1-877-753-6847

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