INNOVATION November-December 2013

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J.M. Yakasovich, P.Eng. P. Yip, P.Eng. T.S. Shanoff, P.Geo. P.J. Wojdak, P.Geo. A.R. Benson, EIT R.B. Boileau, EIT O.M. Cruz, EIT O.S. Gao, EIT T.H. Huynh, EIT J.M. Matthieu, EIT R.L. Poupore, EIT S.J. Simon, EIT

A. Goswami, P.Eng. J.T. Hughes, P.Eng. W.R. Hughes, P.Eng. R. Huizing, P.Eng. D.A. Kowalke, P.Eng. J.M. Kozlowski, P.Eng. S.C. Ladd, P.Eng. G.M. Mudryk, P.Eng. N.W. Nasralla, P.Eng. J.P. Patrick, P.Eng. F.J. Potvin, P.Eng. J. Svihra, P.Eng. C. Veloo, P.Eng.

E.D. Stock, GIT Geology (M.Sc. Imperial College London ‘07, Ph.D. UBC ‘12 REINSTATE- MENTS T.J. Aben, P.Eng. G. Ablett, P.Eng. C.J. Anderson, P.Eng. C. Beaulieu, P.Eng. F.C. Bousquet, P.Eng. S.P. Burns, P.Eng. F.W. Diaz Acosta, P.Eng. J.L. English, P.Eng.

J.P. Zimmerman, EIT Mechanical (B.Eng. BCIT ‘13) S.T. Zubrycky, EIT Geological (B.Sc. Eng. Queen’s ‘13) GEOSCIENCE T.C. Argast, GIT Environmental Geoscience (B.Sc. UBC ‘07, M.Sc. UBC ‘12) N.D. Crasto, GIT Environmental Geoscience (B.Sc. Guelph ‘08, M.Sc. Acadia ‘11)

I.Y.S. Wong, EIT Mechanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) J.H. Woo, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) J.M. Yeo, EIT Me- chanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) S.C. Yew, EIT Me- chanical (B.A.Sc. British Columbia Okanagan ‘13) T. Yip, EIT Chemical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) P.G. Young, EIT

A.R. Vrielink, EIT Engineering Physics (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) H.S. Wai, EIT Me- chanical (B.Eng. BCIT ‘10) A.D. Wardle, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. British Colum- bia Okanagan ‘13) M.L. White, EIT Mechanical

L. Tootchi Fatidehi, EIT Environmen- tal (B.Sc. Sharif U. of Tech. ‘06, M.A.Sc. Windsor ‘10) D. Torres Cross, EIT Mechanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) J.M. VanHorn, EIT Mechanical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) H.F. VanHove, EIT Civil (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13) M.R. Vass, EIT Electrical (B.A.Sc. UBC ‘09)

(B.A.Sc. UBC ‘13)

C. Wong, EIT

Civil (B.Sc.Eng. New Brunswick ‘13)

Electrical (B.A.Sc. Simon Fraser ‘12)

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FEB 26 -27/14: I NTERNATIONALCONFERENCE ONSTORMWATERANDURBANWATER SYSTEMSMODELING. This international conference is a forum where North American and international profes- sionals can exchange ideas and experience on current practices and developing technologies. Engineers, scientists, modelers, and adminis- trators involved in water pollution control and water systems design and analysis will find this forum of interest. The conference program includes hydrology, hydraulics, water quality and receiving waters, from precipitation processes, runoff, pollutant build-up, washoff, surcharging pipe networks, and water distribution systems, to pollutant removal and impacts on aquatic eco- systems. Location: Toronto, Ontario. Information and registration: Conferences/conferencetoronto.asp FEB 23-26/14: 2014 GEO-CONGRESS. The Geo-Institute’s 2014 Annual Congress will

education, and experience. Location: Whistler, BC. Information: www.bcwwa. org/events-3/annual-conference.html MAY 28-31/14: CSCE ANNUAL CONFERENCE. The 2014 Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Conference will incorporate all aspects of civil engineering, with special focus on the latest research findings, technical innovations, and project excellence in the profession with regard to sustainable municipalities. Along with the general conference, there will be three focused conferences: the 4 th International Structural Specialty Conference, the 10 th International Transportation Specialty Conference, and the 13 th International Environmental Specialty Conference. Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia. Information and registration:

provide attendees with technical and career information covering the broad spectrum of the geo-profession and how it is affected by sustain- ability. In attendance will be industry leaders, peers, and mentors, to help you explore the barely-charted territory of sustainable geotech- nical engineering and integrate the best and most current thinking in your business practices. Location: Atlanta, Georgia. Information and reg- istration: geo-congress2014/index.html MAY 3-7/14: BCWWA 42 ND ANNUAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW. The BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) Annual Conference & Trade Show is the premier event in British Columbia’s water and wastewater industry. With technical and operator sessions and seminars, as well as networking opportunities, this is an opportunity for everyone in the water and waste community to share skills, knowledge,

The Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society will be holding their annual conference in Vancouver on


May 20-23, 2014. This will be the premier event for biomedical engineering professionals in Canada. This conference offers a national forum for information exchange among researchers and practitioners working in the medical technology industry and biomedical engineering. Note there will be 3 streams at the conference: academic, clinical and medical device development. Please review the “Call for Papers” and Exhibit opportunities package at

For detailed job description & to apply, please visit


CWA Engineers Inc. is an industry leading consulting engineering firm that provides services in the Ports and Marine Terminals, Mining and Minerals, Infrastructure and Wood Products industries

to clients across North America and worldwide. With our expanding client base and growing project needs, CWA is looking for Civil, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers to join our dynamic team.


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