INNOVATION November-December 2013

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Results of the APEGBC Council Election and Bylaw Amendment Vote The APEGBC Council election and bylaw amendment vote closed at noon on October 11, 2013. A total of 20.9% of eligible voting members and licensees cast a ballot. The results of the vote are as follows: President Michael Bapty, P.Eng., FEC Vice President Herb Hawson, P.Eng., FEC Donna Howes, P.Eng., FEC Harlan Kelly, P.Eng. Kathy Tarnai-Lokhorst, P.Eng. Continuing Government Appointees Ana Fernandes, CIM, FCSI Ken Laloge, CA Mike Waberski, BCLS Dr. Sheila Wynn

Council Shapes Three-year Plan for the Association Developed every three years at the September Planning Session, APEGBC’s strategic plan is created to provide direction and focus to the organization’s activities. The association’s current three-year strategic plan ends June 2014, and Council has been developing a new plan to span July 2014 to June 2017. Council met in late October 2013 to consider key concepts for the new plan. Some changes to the previous vision and mission statements have been proposed, and goals and outcomes for the plan have been developed in alignment with the duties and objects of the Engineers and Geoscientists Act . This discussion was informed by work completed in a number of areas, including 4 relevant focus groups, the 2013 member survey, a communications audit, and strategic analyses by Council and staff. Council will finalize the components of the strategic plan at the end of November 2013, and initiatives to support the plan will be prioritized in January. A supporting budget will be developed between January and March, and the new plan will take effect July 1, 2014. Following Council approval of the new 2014-2017 strategic plan, more information will be made available to APEGBC members.

Dr. John Clague, P.Geo., FGC Immediate Past President Dr. Michael Isaacson, P.Eng., FEC, FGC, (Hon.) Councillors Elected David Harvey, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., FEC

Arnold Badke, P.Eng. Shiloh Carlson, P.Eng. Garth Kirkham, P.Geo., FGC Andy Mill, P.Eng., Struct. Eng., FEC Karen Savage, P.Eng., FEC

Amendments to Association Bylaws The results of the 2013 bylaw amendment ballot are as follows: Total

Infavour Opposed Result

Bylaw 3 (a.1) Nominating Committee— Composition

4,606 3,403 1,203 Passed

Bylaw 3 (j) Ballot

4,589 3,619

970 Passed

Bylaw 10 (c.1) Life Membership or Licensure Bylaw 10 (c.2) Honorary Life Membership or Licensure

4,592 3,531 1,061 Passed

4,598 3,527 1,071 Passed

Bylaw 11 (c) Engineers-in-Training, Geoscientists-in-Training

4,591 3,239 1,352 Passed

Bylaw 18 Alternative Complaint Resolution 4,533 4,194

339 Passed

(l-r) Back row: David Harvey, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., FEC; Arnold Badke, P.Eng.; Ana Fernandes, CIM, FCSI; Mike Waberski, BCLS; Ken Laloge, CA; Herb Hawson, P.Eng., FEC (l-r) Middle row: Harlan Kelly, P.Eng.; Andy Mill, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., FEC; Kathy Tarnai-Lokhorst, P.Eng.; Dr. Sheila Wynn; Karen Savage, P.Eng., FEC; Shiloh Carlson, P.Eng.; Donna Howes, P.Eng., FEC (l-r) Front row: Dr. Michael Isaacson, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.); Mike Bapty, P.Eng., FEC Absent: Dr. John Clague, P.Geo., FGC (Vice President); Garth Kirkham, P.Geo., FGC


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