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Vancouver Pedestrian Safety Study • Limitation Act • 2012 AGM and Conference Highlights


November/December 2012

Waterfront Park Meets Environmental Challenges Cranbrook Wastewater Treatment Upgrades

PM40065271 Dr Michael Isaacson PEng APEGBC President

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November/December 2 012 [ vol .16 no .6]

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Dr Michael Isaacson PEng – Seeking New Approaches for Meaningful Engagement


Cranbrook Wastewater Treatment Upgrades Build on Sustainable Solutions for a Growing Population Jean Sorensen Challenging Park Project Re-connects Community with the Waterfront Suzanne Morphet



Vancouver’s Pedestrian Safety Study and Action Plan Alina Cheng PEng

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President’s Viewpoint – The Outlook for Engineering and Geoscience in BC


Association Notes – APEGBC and ASTTBC Approve Applied Science Technologist Concept; Ethics Survey; Science Games Registration Opens for Students; Results of the APEGBC Council Election; Volunteers Sought for New Temporary Structures Committee; Online System Introduces Efficiencies to Registration Process; Update your Practice Declaration and CPD Hours; Don’t Forget to Renew your APEGBC Membership for 2013


2012 Annual General Meeting


Council Report – September 14, 2012


Legal Brief – New Limitation Act to Come into Effect June 1, 2013


Solutions for a Changing World – 2012 Annual Conference and AGM

ON THE COVER: 2012/2013 APEGBC President, Dr Michael


Increasing the Number of Women in Engineering – Time to Act

Isaacson PEng. Photo: Andrea Sunderland.

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November/December 2012 Volume 16 Number 6

v iewpoint

For my initial contribution to Viewpoint, I thought I would provide my views on the outlook for our professions in British Columbia. In order to do so, there is a need to consider a number of factors that are relevant to making such an assessment. The first is our education environment. Starting with initial programs at UBC in 1915, we now have over 30 engineering and geoscience programs at six BC institutions, with over 1,000 graduates each year. These numbers are continually increasing and, as well, there is an ongoing evolution of our approaches to education. We have a rigorous accreditation system for engineering, and overall our engineering and geoscience programs are truly world class. We are also at the forefront of research and development. R&D expenditures in our disciplines—at BC universities alone—are over $100 million per year. Commercialization levels depend on supportive intellectual property policies, and this climate is gradually improving. But it is our professional practice that is truly remarkable. Starting with our contributions to BC’s development—with an early focus on transportation (railways, roads) and resources (mining, forestry)— our professional activities now relate to virtually all aspect of our lives: our homes, transport, energy production and consumption, health and well-being, communications, comfort and entertainment, and communities. Our engineers and geoscientists are engaged in thousands of projects in BC, across Canada and around the world, and across a wide range of sectors. We have a rigorous regulatory environment so as to recognize the public interest and assure the highest standards of public safety. And, we are providing solutions that are safe, cost effective, sustainable and socially acceptable. But, what of the future? There is a need to assess and respond to our changing environment, and to future challenges and opportunities. The former includes economic restructuring from goods and services to knowledge and information; globalization; the impact of information, communications and other technologies; an increased recognition of environmental, sustainability and climate change considerations; a greater focus on one-stop-shop packaged services; and mergers and acquisitions leading to multifunctional, multinational firms. Challenges and opportunities for our professions relate to such areas as global warming climate change, sea-level rise, poverty and population growth issues worldwide, resource development (including exploration, production, transmission and distribution), sustainability and environmental protection, natural hazards, and risk assessment and mitigation. A significant unknown is the future economic and business climate—these are key drivers of job growth, productivity increases and living standards. In these areas, BC and Canada are highly ranked worldwide, although further advances to Canada’s innovation agenda are needed. Another particular area that requires enhancement relates to the profile and stature of our professions, in part associated with levels of leadership, advocacy and image. Overall, our education system is second to none, and our R&D and commercialization levels are high, although the intellectual property climate needs continual improvement. Our professional practice activities are flourishing, and we are well positioned to respond to the changing environment and to future challenges and opportunities. While some areas need enhancement—such as fostering innovation and leadership development—most of the ingredients are in place so as to assure that, on balance, the outlook for our professions in BC is very bright.

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC Suite 200 - 4010 Regent Street, Burnaby, BC Canada V5C 6N2 Tel: (604) 430-8035 Fax: (604) 430-8085 E-mail: Internet: Toll free: 1-888-430-8035

2012/2013 COUNCIL, APEGBC P resident M D Isaacson PEng PhD V ice P resident M B Bapty PEng FEC P ast P resident J H Holm PEng FEC

The Outlook for Engineering and Geoscience in BC

Councillors A E Badke PEng; S M Carlson PEng J J Clague PGeo PhD; A Fernandes CIM FCSI H Hawson PEng FEC; D M Howes PEng H G Kelly PEng; G D Kirkham PGeo J Martignago; A J Mill PEng, StructEng FEC K E Savage PEng FEC; M Waberski BCLS M C Wrinch PEng PhD; S Wynn PhD

ASSOCIATION STAFF A J English PEng C hief E xecutive O fficer and R egistrar T M Y C hong PEng C hief R egulatory O fficer and D eputy R egistrar J Y Sinclair C hief O perating O fficer M L Archibald D irector , C ommunications and S takeholder E ngagement J Cho CGA D irector , F inance and A dministration D Gamble D irector , I nformation S ervices A Lim A/ D irector , M ember S ervices P R Mitchell PEng D irector , P rofessional P ractice , S tandards and D evelopment D Olychick D irector , M ember S ervices G M Pichler PEng D irector , R egistration G A Thiele LLB D irector , L egislation , E thics and C ompliance R M F ilipiak P Eng A ssociate D irector , A dmissions V Lai CGA A ssociate D irector , F inance and A dministration J J G Larocque PEng LLB A ssociate D irector , P rofessional P ractice

Dr Michael Isaacson PEng President

Melinda Lau M anaging E ditor

EDITORIAL BOARD S Chiu PEng; R Gupta PEng P h D; C L Hall PGeo; S K Hayes PEng; K S Hirji PEng; M A Klippenstein PEng; I Kokan PEng; M E Leslie PEng; B Thomson PGeo FEC (Hon)


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l et ter s

In my opinion, engineers are not sufficiently apparent in corporate boardrooms or senior governments. Yes, accountants and lawyers have their role, but complex technical systems and operations (say, as opposed to banks, investment houses, etc) need ongoing scrutiny also—where operations and engineering folks should be at the fore. The Enbridge Kalamazoo, Michigan, nightmare is a making of their own; see [US] National Transportation Safety Board reports. A lack of commitment to operational training by management and of management can lead to nightmares. Management often will fall back onto the old dodge such as, “We followed all the regulations, standards of the day.” Give me a break—systems start to become obsolete soon after start up. Further, leaders don’t follow standards, they set the standard. How many boards of directors actually listen to their own people? Listen to your personnel and they will tell you where to find the “areas of concern”; and then do something about it. Think of the Enbridge Kalamazoo, Michigan, oil spill, Ocean Ranger oil platform loss, spaceship Challenger disaster, Walkerton E-Coli fiasco, Ford Pinto bean counting scenario, etc. Would those incidents mentioned above have been avoided if senior management had listened? I’m hoping to see an operations safety epiphany by the Enbridge Board. I suggest that such an epiphany would be welcomed by the decision makers and the public, even at this late date.

Letters to the Editor containing your views on topics of interest or concern to members are encouraged. While we welcome your input, due to space limitations we may be unable to publish all letters received. Opinions expressed in letters to the Editor are not necessarily endorsed by APEGBC. Letters can be e-mailed to

Re: The Bargains We Make As representatives for the Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) at the GVWD v NAP litigation, we read the subject article published in the September/October 2012 edition with interest. We found the article correct from a legal standpoint but are compelled to point out some of the engineering facts. The finding that the coating specifications were defective was based on a theory from an expert hired by NAP. GVWD’s evidence that the specifications had been successfully used since 1978 on over 160 km of steel water mains and sewer force mains, without the defects that the NAP supplied pipes contained, was deemed irrelevant. At trial, the GVWD proved the pipe was defective, but could not prove the cause. Without access to the production records which the pipe manufacturing plant in Korea accidently destroyed, we were unable to confirm where the defects originated. As part of the GVWD’s quality assurance procedures, a full-time third party inspector was present during the fabrication in Korea. However, the inspector was unable to detect the defects at the time of fabrication. As designers, we specified the material, thickness, and sequence of the coating system, but not the means or methods of application, which is the responsibility of the supplier. This coating system has been successfully supplied by major North American pipe suppliers for over three decades and has been used extensively throughout British Columbia. Metro Vancouver (aka GVWD) provides high quality drinking water at a reasonable cost for over two million customers and is very cautious in the preparation of its specifications. It uses proven products that have a long term service record and provide value to its customers. Metro Vancouver has always maintained a long-standing reputation within the industry for high quality coating systems. Paul Wilting PEng, Civil Mechanical Design Division Manager, Metro Vancouver Colin Meldrum PEng, Senior Engineer, Wastewater Treatment Engineering, Metro Vancouver Corporate Technical Officer – What’s that? Imagine a PEng in the Boardroom (unless in disguise) advising directors about (boring, sometimes costly) “operational areas of concern.”

Carl Shalansky PEng, North Vancouver v

Correction The article “ Preparing for Sea Level Rise in British Columbia: Science, Policy and Practice” in the September/ October 2012 issue of Innovation contained a misprint of Figure 1. The shaded area representing global sea level rise projections was shown to be beneath the recommended BC Sea Level Rise Curve, and the timescale on the horizontal axis was not depicted. The correct version is depicted here.

BCMOE 2010 SLR Policy Curve


Nov e m b e r /D e c e m b e r 2 012

i n n o v a t i o n

n ewsmaker s

Outgoing CEO and Registrar of APEGBC, Derek Doyle PEng was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) at their Technology Awards and Recognition Celebration on November 3, 2012. The certificate was awarded in recognition of Doyle’s collaboration in bringing APEGBC and ASTTBC together in the mutual goal of protecting the public interest.  During his tenure at APEGBC, Doyle has been involved with a variety of collaborative efforts with ASTTBC, most recently the Applied Science Technologist Concept, which was approved by both APEGBC and ASTTBC councils. This work involves an agreement on a regulatory model that will lead to the recognition of the specialized skills and

Derek Doyle Recognized for Collaborative Work with ASTTBC

(l-r) ASTTBC Executive Director John Leech AScT CAE and Derek Doyle PEng.

knowledge of Applied Science Technologists (AScT). This initiative will enhance the protection of the public in selected areas outside the fields of professional engineering and geoscience.

APEGBC Members Recognized with Mentoring and Editorial Board Awards APEGBC’s Mentor of the Year Award was created this year to recognize excellence amongst mentors in the engineering and geoscience community in British Co- lumbia. Outstanding mentors from any of the different disciplines of engineering and geoscience are eligible for this award. dedicated mentor, providing his mentee with guidance and career advice towards the goals of profes-

sional registration and career development. Authors Jeff Be- sant PEng and

Wesley Narciso PEng is the recipient of the inaugural mentoring award, presented at the APEGBC Annual Conference in October 2012. A part of the APEGBC mentoring program since 2009, Narciso has been a

John Lovatt PEng received the 2012 APEGBC Editorial

(l-r) President Jeff Holm PEng, Editorial Board Chair Megan Leslie PEng with Jeff Besant PEng and John Lovatt PEng.

Board Award for their article “Don’t Blow it Out Your Top – Cool it!” in the May/June 2012 issue of Innova- tion . The award was presented by Editorial Board Chair, Megan Leslie PEng at the Recognition Luncheon at the APEGBC Annual Conference in Victoria, BC. The article discusses energy efficiency and life safety issues related to ventilation systems in high-rise buildings, and encourages professionals to carefully review cooling and ventilation strategies together when considering these factors in their designs. Bursary Established for International Engineering Students Civil engineer Naveen Varshney PEng has endowed the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering with $50,000 to establish the Naveen and Usha Varshney International Bursary in Engineering. The bursary will be awarded for the first time in 2013, with an annual award of up to $2,000 for an international student in the first-year of an engineering program. An alumnus of the University of Calgary, Varshney wanted to give back to the university for its support during his days as a student coming from overseas to study engineering: “The university did so much for me at that time,” he said, “So, if I can pay back just a bit, if I can do something, I will be happy.” Varshney is the founder and president of NKV En- gineering Ltd, a company that has provided structural and geotechnical engineering services on residential projects for the past 22 years. He is also president and director of Earny Resources Ltd, and a director of Jaxon Minerals Inc, both publicly traded companies.

McElhanney Expands Services in Victoria McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. is pleased to announce a merger with IEC Infrastructure Engineering Consultants Ltd., a specialist in municipal and transportation engineering. IEC’s expertise complements our existing structural engineering capabilities and allows us to expand our services for clients in the Victoria area. We have relocated to accommodate our newly expanded staff base and look forward to connecting with our clients and partners in our new office. Contacts: Ian Jesney, PEng – Regional Manager Peter Ferguson, PEng – Municipal Division Manager Dennis Sargent, MASc, PEng – Structural Division Manager Established in 1910, McElhanney is a Canadian consulting firm, providing engineering, surveying, mapping, planning, and environmental services. The company services Western Canada through a network of local offices, including Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, Courtenay, and Campbell River.

Suite 500, 3960 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8X 4A3 250.370.9221


Nov e m b e r /D e c e m b e r 2 012

i n n o v a t i o n

Dave Mackintosh Director, Capital Projects, Vancouver Coastal Health BUIldING SAfE PATIENT cARE ANd ENERGy EffIcIENcy AT ST. MARy’S

BEING POWER SMART MAKES BUSINESS SENSE When the expanded St. Mary’s Hospital in Sechelt opens in June 2012, it will be a showcase of the latest in safe patient care, where every patient will have his or her own room and bathroom, there will be separate sinks for staff, and everyone will benefit from maximum natural light and fresh air. “St. Mary’s will be a model for how best to control diseases that can be transmitted from patient to patient,” says Dave Mackintosh, Director of Capital Projects for Vancouver Coastal Health. “At the same time, though, we wanted to make sure this expansion was energy efficient, because the more we can reduce our operating costs, the more we can put back into health care.” By working with BC Hydro’s New Construction Program to computer-model the expansion, Dave and the project architect, Peter Busby of Busby Perkins + Will, were able to see exactly which energy-efficiency measures will save them the most. “The energy modeling showed that we could reduce energy consumption by more than 360,000 kilowatt hours a year,” says Peter. “An added benefit: St. Mary’s will also be eligible for BC Hydro incentives to help with the cost of creating a high-performance building.” Are you looking for new ways to build better? Visit or call 1 866 522 4713 .


as soc ia t ion notes

APEGBC and ASTTBC Approve Applied Science Technologist Concept The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC and the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) have announced an agreement on a regulatory model that will lead to the recognition of the specialized skills and knowledge of Applied Science Technologists (AScT). The two associations will recommend the model to government and seek enabling legislation. This initiative will enhance the protection of the public in selected areas outside the fields of professional engineering and geoscience. The recommended model endorses key principles to guide the development of areas of professional reliance for Applied Science Technologists in BC and was approved by both APEGBC and ASTTBC councils in September 2012. APEGBC and ASTTBC endorsed the model following significant consultation with government officials, and local and national stakeholders. The model builds upon current practice, with APEGBC partnering with ASTTBC through a joint board to define and promote to regulatory authorities the areas of professional reliance that are suitable for designating Applied Science Technologists as Qualified Persons. “This agreement is a significant milestone and new beginning for the two associations as we work jointly to recognize ASTTBC members and in this way better serve the public interest,” said ASTTBC President Bill MacPherson, AScT. APEGBC and ASTTBC have agreed to establish a joint board to guide the short- and long-term development of the program, and have appointed the inaugural members to this board. ASTTBC, with the support of APEGBC, will seek a legislative amendment to the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians Act to enable and empower the joint board. “This model will enhance and enable the work being done by both associations to clearly address and identify practice areas for Applied Science Technologists,” affirmed APEGBC Past President Jeff Holm PEng FEC. “It is a step forward in working towards a mutually acceptable model for the engineering team in BC.”

Science Games Registration Opens for Students Registration for the 2013 APEGBC Science Games is now open. Students in grades 1–6 across the Lower Mainland are invited to register a team of three to five students and participate in this hands-on science event on March 2. The Science Games will be held at the H R MacMillan Space Centre and Museum of Vancouver and has been expanded to include even more aspiring engineers and geoscientists. There is a $25 registration fee per team. Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. If your organization would like to sponsor the 2013 APEGBC Feedback link - The input and feedback of all members and licensees is valued. Those who do not receive an invitation will be able to access and participate in the online sur- vey, available at for the duration of the survey period. The more input from APEGBC engineering and geoscience professionals, the greater the insight gained into the issues and challenges that members and licensees encounter in their work. This insight will inform APEGBC’s efforts to provide ethics-focused profes- sional development opportunities and resources to serve the ongoing practice needs of members and licensees. Ethics in Practice − The View From the Field APEGBC launched the Ethics in Practice initiative in September 2012. This initiative is intended to deliver on the Professional Renewal Task Force (PRTF) Recommendation that APEGBC “promote and enhance the use of the Code of Ethics as the driving force and principal instrument to guide members in the provision of safe and ethical profes- sional services and to preserve the confidence of clients, industry, government, other regulators and the public at large in the professions.” The Ethics in Practice initiative is being rolled out over the next 12 months. It will include ethics-related resources to supplement the current guidelines for the APEGBC Code of Ethics, tools for integrating best practices, and continuing professional develop- ment opportunities focusing on ethical issues and strategies for dealing with ethical chal- lenges arising in the workplace. One of the first components of this initiative is to create opportunities for members and licensees to provide feedback on ethics-related issues and input on resources and professional development to support the integration of ethical standards in everyday practice. This information will inform the development of resources that will be available to assist members and licensees in maintaining, strengthening and responding to chal- lenges to the professions’ ethical standards. APEGBCWants To Hear FromYou Throughout November, APEGBC will be using two methods to gather member and licensee input on ethics related issues. Member survey - An invitation to participate in an online survey has been sent to a ran- dom sample of APEGBC members and licensees. Members and licensees who receive an invitation are strongly encouraged to participate in the survey. Survey responses will not be attributed and will only be viewed as aggregate data.

Science Games please contact Chelsea Smith at csmith@apeg. For more information about the 2013 Science Games, visit: students/Science Games/.


Nov e m b e r /D e c e m b e r 2 012

i n n o v a t i o n

Online Assessment System Introduces Efficiencies to Registration Process Last reporting year, APEGBC received more than 1,700 applications for profes- sional registration. To improve registration process efficiency, APEGBC put in place the Competency-based Assessment Sys- tem, a key component of which is an online tool that allows the experience component for professional engineer registration to be submitted, validated and assessed over the Internet. This system is currently available for applicants in four areas of practice: civil (municipal/infrastructure); structural; electri- cal (power and industrial); and materials, metallurgical and mineral processing. The Competency-based Assessment System uses a set of practice competency requirements to assess candidates’ eli- gibility for professional registration. The requirements can be easily understood by candidates for registration as well as their employers, and uphold consistent standards for entry to the engineering profession. These requirements have been incorporated into an online module that guides candidates for registration through the experience reporting process, helping them to identify appropriate examples from their work experience to demonstrate that they have met the requirements in each of the categories of competency. The module also allows candidates to submit all docu- ments related to their work experience online. Once a candidate is ready to apply for registration, their application will be validated and assessed through the same web-based system.  Use of the system is recommended for all applicants for professional engineer reg- istration in the available four areas of prac- tice, including engineers-in-training in their third and fourth years of experience who are ready to start recording their progress. In the long term, APEGBC plans to ex- pand use of the system for all engineering disciplines, and will undertake work in 2013 to include three additional practice areas of mechanical: building systems, building enclosure, and software. A generic set of competency requirements has also been developed to allow applicants in any area of practice to complete their experience assessment using the online module and is awaiting approval this fall.   For more information on the online tool, please see competency.html.

Results of the APEGBC Council Election Voting for the APEGBC Council Election opened September 4, 2012 and closed at noon on October 12, 2012. The vote was conducted primarily by electronic ballot, with paper ballots available to members upon request. This year, 21.1% of eligible voting members and licensees cast a ballot. The results of the vote for the 2012/2013 APEGBC Council are as follows: P resident Michael Isaacson PEng PhD V ice P resident Mike Bapty PEng FEC I mmediate P ast P resident Jeff Holm PEng FEC C ouncillors E lected Arnold Badke PEng Shiloh Carlson PEng Garth Kirkham PGeo Andy Mill PEng StructEng FEC Karen Savage PEng FEC (l-r) Front row: Dr Mike Wrinch PEng, Mike Bapty PEng FEC, Dr Michael Isaacson PEng, Jeff Holm PEng FEC, Ana Fernandes CIM FCSI. Center row: Harlan Kelly PEng, Joe Martignago, Karen Savage PEng FEC, Herb Hawson PEng FEC. Back row: Dr John Clague PGeo, Arnold Badke PEng, Mike Waberski BCLS, Andy Mill PEng StructEng FEC, Shiloh Carlson PEng. (Not shown: Donna Howes PEng, Garth Kirkham PGeo, Dr Sheila Wynn)

C ontinuing John Clague PGeo PhD Herb Hawson PEng FEC Donna Howes PEng Harlan Kelly PEng Michael Wrinch PEng PhD G overnment A ppointees Ana Fernandes CIM FCSI Joe Martignago Michael Waberski BCLS Sheila Wynn PhD

Total Eligible Voters


Ballots Received (electronic)


Ballots Received (paper)


Percentage Returned


Ballots Spoiled


Volunteers Sought for New Temporary Structures Committee In the last number of years, a working group of APEGBC members has held semi-regular meetings to discuss issues related to temporary structures such as tents, grandstands, temporary bleachers, temporary building restraints and temporary geotechnical works. Given the increasing demand for temporary structures and feedback from APEGBC members and licensees, APEGBC is converting the existing working group into a full- fledged advisory committee that will report to Council. Members and licensees interested in volunteering for the Temporary Structures Committee are asked to contact Gilbert Larocque PEng CD LLB, Associate Director, Professional Practice at or (604) 638-8178.


Nov e m b e r /D e c e m b e r 2 012

i n n o v a t i o n

as soc ia t ion notes

Don’t Forget to Renew your APEGBC Membership for 2013

By now, all APEGBC members and licensees should have received their 2013 annual membership renewal invoice by e-mail or by post. The e-mail renewal invoices were sent in the last week of October, and paper invoices were mailed mid-November. Under the Engineers and Geoscientists Act , the deadline to renew your membership is January 1, 2013. Please note that after this date , a $75 late fee will be levied on late payments, and on March 1, 2013 anyone who has not yet paid their annual fee will be struck from the register. How do I renew my membership? Members and licensees may renew their membership online, by mail or by fax. The January 1, 2013 payment deadline also applies to any members submitting their 2013 annual fee invoice to their employer for payment. The fastest and most convenient way to renew your membership is online, through the APEGBC member portal. It also allows you to update your contact information, complete the Practice Declaration, apply for non-practising or reduced fee status if eligible, declare compliance with the APEGBC CPD guideline, make a contribution to the APEGBC Foundation or Benevolent Fund, join a division, and print an official income tax receipt. The 2013 online fee payment website can be accessed at How do I discontinue my membership? Members or licensees who do not wish to maintain membership with APEGBC are advised to resign prior to the January 1, 2013 deadline. This can be done online through the member portal or by contacting APEGBC by mail or e-mail. Members and licensees who neither resign nor renew their membership will be removed from the member register on March 1, 2013 and will be liable for the 2013 member fees. How do I reinstate my membership following resignation or removal for non-payment? Please be aware that if you wish to re-apply for membership, you will be subject to the Return to Practice Policy for professional members or the Reinstatement Policy for members-in-training.

Update your Practice Declaration and CPD Hours During your annual membership renewal, don’t forget to update your practice declaration and declare your continuing professional devel- opment hours for 2012. Completion of the practice dec- laration information assists APEG- BC in more accurately identifying and serving members and licensees by practice area. Annual declara- tion of compliance with the Continuing Professional

In addition, you will have to pay the outstanding annual fee, $75 late fee and associated administrative fee before being reinstated. For more information, see Do you offer assistance to members who can’t afford to pay their membership fees? Fee reduction - APEGBC’s reduced fee policy allows access to reduced annual fees based on an “active income” threshold or a medical condition that renders the member or licensee unfit for work. Requests for reduction of annual fees will be based on a formal application through the online renewal process or on the detachable form on the back of the fee renewal invoice. Fee deferral - Members who wish to defer 2013 renewal fees due to hardship are required to make a confidential application for deferral or waiver of annual fees to the Director of Registration

Development Guideline pro- vides APEGBC with a way to demonstrate to the public that its members and licens- ees are keeping up to date in their area of practice. To update your practice declaration or to declare your professional develop- ment hours for 2012, log onto the APEGBC member portal at https://secure. Members can also verify and update their preferences to determine which communications they receive from APEGBC as well as delivery options.

NOTE: Membership Due January 1, 2013 IMPORTANT NUMBERS: Billing amounts and balance outstanding (604) 412-4859 Online payment support (604) 412-4887 Changes in status

and Licensing. Please refer to Who can I contact for membership renewal assistance or information? Billing amounts and balance outstanding (604) 412-4859 • Online payment support

or registration (604) 412-4856

(604) 412-4887 • Changes in status or registration (604) 412-4856 •


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2012 Annual General Meeting Members assemble in the provincial capital for APEGBC’s 93 rd AGM

Engineers and Geoscientists Act and withdraw the request for amendments that would allow Council to make changes to the Bylaws of the Association without the approval of two- thirds of the votes cast by ballot as required by the Act .” He also announced the newly elected members of the 2012/2013 APEGBC Council (see page 9). He concluded by put- ting forward a motion to destroy in three months the electronic and paper ballots, which was carried. Immediately following, President Holm and Chief Executive Officer and Registrar Derek Doyle PEng presented their respective annual reports. These reports provided a high-level summary of APEGBC’s accom- plishments and activities during the past year. After the presentation of each report, both the president and CEO accepted questions from the floor. Councillor and Government Appointee Mike Waberski BCLS followed with a presen- tation on the role of government appointed Councillors. Bringing their diverse experi- ences and perspectives to the Council table, government appointees serve to protect the public interest in the decisions of APEGBC Council, contributing to good governance of the professions. Councillor Ana Fernandes CIM FCSI, Chair of the Audit Committee, provided an overview of the auditing process. She reported on the results of the audit and the Committee’s view that the financial statements and notes contained in the 2011/2012 Annual Report are a fair and accurate representation of the financial dealings of the association over the year ending June 30, 2012. The assem- bly then passed a motion to appoint PriceWaterhouse Coopers LLP, Chartered Accountants, as APEGBC’s auditors for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. At the conclusion of the preceding item, the assembly then took a moment to acknowledge members of the associa- tion who had passed away during the previous year. Past President John Watson PEng FEC read aloud the names of the departed, and the members in attendance observed a moment of silence in their honour.

thanks to committee, task force, and joint practice board volunteers; those who support Engineers Canada or Geoscientists Canada as volunteers or board members; volunteers for branches and divisions; volunteers who serve sister associations in Canada and the United States and those who serve other professional associations in British Columbia; deans and professors for educational institutions; student volunteers; and those who serve as staff for other associations in BC and across the country. The assembly applauded the contributions of these individuals. AGM business proceeded with the approval of the 2011 annual general meeting minutes. President Holm then invited Chief Scrutineer Paul Blanchard PEng FEC to report on the member petition ballot con- ducted in April and May and the 2012/2013 council election. Mr Blanchard reviewed the voting process used for the two ballots. He reported that members had voted 69.8% in favour of the member petition ballot, thereby passing the motion “that Council reconsider the request to Government to enact amendments to the

On Saturday, October 27, 130 members and licensees, and 42 guests attended the 93 rd annual general meeting of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia, held at the Victoria Conference Centre, in Victoria, BC. The meeting was chaired by APEGBC president Jeff Holm PEng FEC. Attendees were welcomed and the meeting commenced with greetings brought by President Holm on behalf of Premier Christy Clark and the provincial government, wishing APEGBC delegates a successful meeting. The members present then passed a motion to approve the agenda for the meeting. After reviewing the role and responsibil- ites of Council, President Holm introduced registered parliamentarian Eli Mina, who reviewed the meeting rules and voting pro- cedures. A motion to approve the rules was passed by the assembly. President Jeff Holm acknowledged the dedication of the many individuals who contributed to the professions throughout the year, supporting APEGBC and its members’ commitment to excellence. He expressed his

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The motion was defeated . Following the motions session, President Holm introduced the incoming president for the 2012/2013 council year, Dr Michael Isaacson PEng. The newly appointed President Isaacson then presented the Gold Foil Life Member disc to now Past President

Jeff Holm, thanking him for his committed work on behalf of APEGBC during his past year in office. The Association’s 94 th Annual General Meeting will take place Saturday, October 26, 2013 at the Whistler Conference Centre in Victoria, BC. v

After a 20 minute refreshment break, Catherine Karakatsanis PEng FEC, President of Engineers Canada, and Oliver Bonham PGeo, CEO of Geoscientists Canada, brought greetings to the assembly and brief informational reports on their respective associations’ activities. The meeting was then opened to debate on motions from the floor sub- mitted by APEGBC members. Motions Submitted by Members The AGM is the forum in which mem- bers and licensees may bring motions forward for debate, and to provide advice to Council on current issues. The follow- ing motions from the floor were debated: Motion 1. That Council consider setting up a task force with sufficient financial and staff resources to support and pro- mote improving the number of women in engineering. Moved by Lianna Mah PEng FEC and seconded by Marg Latham PEng. The motion was carried . Motion 2. That Council consider requir- ing that votes on all motions, both at the committee level and the council level, record who voted in favour and who against and this information on council motions be distributed to the membership. Moved by Ralph Watts PEng and sec- onded by Russ Fraser PEng FEC. The motion was defeated . Motion 3 . That Council consider pub- lishing in the financial report the salaries, remuneration and benefits for all staff who receive over $100,000 per annum. Moved by Ralph Watts PEng and sec- onded by Russ Fraser PEng FEC. The motion was carried . Motion 4. That Council consider working with the provincial govern- ment to establish a level of acceptable landslide risk. Moved by Tim Smith PGeo EngL FEC (Hon) and seconded by Matt Cameron PEng FEC. The motion was carried . Motion 5. That Council consider review- ing the APEGBC programs for electrical technologists so as to bring them into compliance with the report dated 28 February, 2008. Moved by Roy Bartholomew PEng FEC and seconded by Russ Fraser PEng FEC.


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APEGBC’s Council of elected members and government appointees meet throughout the year to conduct the business of association governance. The following are the highlights of the September 14, 2012 meeting of APEGBC Council. The October 27, 2012 inaugural meeting of the 2012/2013 Council was a brief meeting for new and continuing Councillors to introduce themselves and exchange insights and information . SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 Work Proceeds on Implementing Act Changes Eleven key amendments to the Engineers and Geoscientists Act came into law in June 2012. A number of bylaws related to enfranchising limited licensees were automatically amended as a result of these changes; they permit limited licensees to run and vote for President, Vice President and Council; to call and vote at a meeting of the association; and to vote on petitions and bylaws. While not automatically amended, three other bylaws were recommended for revision to support the enfranchisement of limited licensees. These bylaws are related to the composition of the Nominating Committee, ballot counting, and granting of life membership. Council referred these proposed amendments to the Governance and Nominating Committees for further consideration.

Other amendments cannot be implemented until bylaw or extensive policy and procedural development work is completed. Council approved the creation of the Legislation Implementation Task Force to guide and advise Council on bylaw, consultation, policy, procedure, and strategy recommendations for the implementation of these changes. Terms of reference and appointments to the task force were approved at the September Council meeting. Based on priorities set by Council, the task force will review and analyze existing legislation and work previously done, benchmark with the legislation and policies of other regulatory bodies, identify best practices, and develop the supports required for implementation of the amendments. Regulatory Model for Applied Science Technologist Concept Approved APEGBC Council approved a regulatory model that endorses key principles that will guide the development of areas of professional reliance for Applied Science Technologists in BC. The model was endorsed following significant consultation with government officials, local and national stakeholders. Terms of reference for a non-statutory Joint Board that will guide the short and long term development of this program were approved, as was the appointment of

members to the board. Through this Board, APEGBC and the Applied Sci- ence Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) will define and promote to regulatory authorities the areas of professional reliance that are suitable for designating Applied Science Technolo- gists as Qualified Persons. Council also approved a motion that the associations jointly advise the Minister of Advanced Education of the progress on this file and seek a legislative amendment to the ASTT Act to enable and empower the Joint Board. Successful Audit Completed; Presentation of Financial Information Aligned with Audited Statements Responsible financial management is a key part of Council’s commitment to serve the public and the membership. Supported by appropriate policies and procedures, Council demonstrates accountability through managing and reporting on the fiscal affairs of the organization. This includes oversight by an Audit Committee, and an annual The Audit Committee reported on the audit of APEGBC’s finances for the 2011/2012 fiscal year, and reviewed a summary of key findings. Detailed in the audit findings were areas of particular audit focus that required management to use their discretion, including the independent audit performed by APEGBC’s appointed auditors.

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Affinity Program, payroll service provider controls, and completeness of revenues. The audit was also extended to include a review of the Chief Executive Officer’s expenses and a review of procurement processes. The Audit Committee reported that the auditors found no issues in these areas. On the recommendation of the Audit Committee, Council approved the APEGBC Audited Financial Statements for the year ending June 30, 2012. In response to a motion brought forward at the 2011 Annual General Meeting, Council also approved clarify- ing changes to the presentation of information in the financial statements. New statements were published in the 2011/2012 annual report that more clearly demon- strate how departmental activity aligns with the audited financial statements. Online Assessment System Expanded to Additional Disciplines To improve registration process efficiency, APEGBC established the Competency-based Assessment System, a key component of which is a tool that allows applicants for professional engineer registration to submit their experience online for validation and assessment. This system, which was initially launched for applicants from the civil (municipal/infrastructure), structural and electrical (power and industrial) disciplines, was approved by Council for applicants from the materials, metallurgical and mineral processing field. Use of the system is recommended for all applicants for professional engineer registration in these four areas of practice, including engineers-in-training in their third and fourth years of experience who are ready to start recording their progress. In the long term, APEGBC plans to expand use of the system for all engineering disci- plines. For more information, see page 9 of this issue or . APEGBC Renews MOU with SITE BC APEGBC Council approved the renewal of a Memoran- dum of Understanding with the Society of Internation- ally Trained Engineers of BC (SITE BC). SITE BC is

an independent non-profit society that represents the interests of BC’s internationally trained engineering com- munity. This agreement has been in place since 2004 and has fostered positive engagement and a direct linkage between the two organizations on areas and issues of common concern. Annual Review of Registration Processes In accordance with Council policy, a task force appointed by the Registration Committee undertakes an annual review of the committee’s policies and procedures to identify any required changes based on process and performance. Council approved changes to academic examination regulations that will provide more flexibility in allowing candidates to complete the Fundamentals of Engineering or Confirmatory Examinations, and also approved a policy for screening Experience Review Interviewees to support a continued reduction in both interviews and the lead time to an interview. Council Oath of Office Updated Upon taking office, APEGBC Council members swear or affirm an Oath of Office, which requires Council members to be bound by the Council Governance Policies. These policies address a wide range of topics, and concerns about the breadth and vagueness of these policies and the Oath of Office’s connection to them were raised. A new Oath of Office that clearly that sets out the key duties and obligations of board members was recommended by the Governance Committee and approved by Council. Support of Education in the North Council approved a request to support the Northern Technology and Engineering Society (NTES) in seeking provincial government funding and support for the development of civil and mechanical engineering and technology programs at UNBC and the College of New Caledonia. The goal of this initiative is to address the recruitment and retention challenges currently faced by engineering companies in that region of the province through enabling students to be educated there.


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